Monday, 23 January 2012

(studio leak) :The Light.

With the wake of events in our nation in recent times,there couldn't have been a better time to have a leak to a nice track that was made by two of Jay town finest.the track is called ''The Light'' done by one of Nigerian's veteran Hip hop Artiste: Seemo the black c.zar and it features one of the most prolific singers of our time in the person of Jeremiah Gyang who also produced this great track.enough said listen,download and share.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Pathway

                                                                            Hello Everyone,

Life as we all know is bound to some certain rules like; ''what goes up must come down'' ''every beginning has an end'' ''you reap what you sow'' most times these terms are used as word's of caution or guidance in different life circumstances,but today i would like us to look at the pathway as one of those rules of nature.i believe every path taken has it's proposed destination.Example: the good book defines two pathways for life; the wide and the narrow way with both of them having a definite destination,of which if i am to deduce- we all have the freedom to freewill but live with the consequence of our choices weather the turnout good or bad.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Single

Phantom is a young, abuja based hip hop artist known for his fierce delivery and smooth flow on his songs. he has previously worked on songs with artists like dandi mil, IBjosh and producers such as shady bizniz, tommy sheilds and vc perez. his new online single-shutdown is an up-beat, feel good song produced by speroachBeatz of perez music and also features vocals from singing sensation stan. over time phantom has earned th name "fresh prince" not because of his looks but for his flow and lyrical content which is witty and lacks any form of profanity follow him on twitter @itsthephantom and check out his official music site

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

National Treasure.

Hello Everyone,
I  hope you all enjoyed your holidays? like i did......oh well  i got to travel to visit friends as well as do some sight seeing and while i was on that i got to visit Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom home to the Enigma machine of the second world war(WW2)history has it that the German enigma code was cracked in this Bletchley Park which shorted the war by two(2) years and gave the British victory what was most interesting to me about my visits here was;the way the history and pride of the country was preserved,maintenance of  the items on display and the environment,and the huge resources made from tourist fee,rental of the halls,souvenirs, and a host of other things.