Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Toyenero & TitoBrown - H.E.R TAPE - (EP Vol.1)

Toyenero and Tito Brown who have both worked together on Tito Brown's 2016 mixtape Urban Stereo Sounds have returned in 2017 with a combined effort to deliver this beautiful extended play (EP) titled H.E.R Tape EP Vol.1 which stands for (History In Every Record).
This EP consist of seven (7) tracks and has a line up of features which include: Joey Jam, Cloud9ne, and Douglas. Click on the download button below and have a feel of the H.E.R Tape EP Vol.1.


Friday, 24 November 2017

Sound Factory Entertainment Signs Multi-Talented Artiste - Victor Velmo

The Multi - talented artist Victor Velmo who is a renowned On Air Personality (OAP) based in Abuja and former member of the trio 'Gransonz' has just signed a multimillion Naria record contract deal with Sound Factory Entertainment.
This was confirmed on his official facebook and instagram page yesterday when the signing took place and this is what he had to say below:

''It's official mans just got signed, say hello to my new Family - Sound Factory Entertainment. @soundfactory_entertainment
Happy to be a part of the team, thanks for seeing the potentials & believing in my Sound/Style/Brand it's time to take the music to a whole new level.
To all my Vellians (fans), colleague Dj's, show promoters, & well wishers your support got me this deal. It's now time to take the industry by storm & Your support is needed even more to do this.
Thanks to Jah' for making this possible. Now congratulate me lol 😂👏🏾''

 - Victor Velmo.

Victor Velmo and new team.

Victor Velmo who also released a buzzing EP this year titled The Sprout EP with hit songs like Quietly featuring Yung6ix certainly deserves this break and we cant wait to see the outcome of these two merger. 
Congratulations Victor Velmo!!!

[New Music] Squeeze Tarela - Better

''Touted as the next big thing in the African music-sphere; Squeeze Tarela hits a prayerful note in his new single titled "Better".

The praised performer sings "You go go where your papa no go, go where your mama no go..." over a lush afro-pop instrumentation orchestrated by JayPaulBeatz and features guitar strings played by Fiokee. "Better" which arrives after previous singles "Hottest Thing" and "Bend"; sees Tarela show why he was monikered "record killa" by fans, as he strays in to seas of afro-pop, sails smoothly and conquer with this prosperity preaching number.

Tarela debuted the single with a live performance of the track at Hard Rock Cafe, Lagos accompanied by Africa's premium band Alternate Sound on the 23rd of November 2016, to rave reviews. Already play-listed on numerous radio stations and fast becoming a fan favourite, "Better" which is available is sure set to cause a turmoil.''

Album Review: Simi - Simisola


''Simi'' Nigerians own songbird, songwriter and sound engineer 'Simi' has finally releases her critically acclaimed self titled album 'Simisola' under the 'X3M Music' imprint and it consist of twelve (12) tracks and three (3) bonus tracks previously released. 'Simisola' graced the shelves on the 8th September, 2017 and this promises to be a joyride as we take a listen/review to this body of work by the delectable Simi.

Remind Me: Is the introduction to the 'Simisola' album and it is a beautiful ballad with a tone of mixed feelings any human being goes through from time to time and when they eventually meet the one person that changes their perspective about life, then loving others would now have a new/deeper meaning. This is indeed a brilliant way to kick off this project by Simi.    


Joromi: This arguably the first single off the LP and it is titled 'Joromi' a remake of the legendary 'Victor Uwaifo's'  1996 classic and she did no wrong in giving it that modern twist as well as maintaining the essence of a classic highlife vibe. 'Joromi' was accompanied with an amazing visual upon its release as it depicts a beautiful love story from the lyrics of the song. This is one of the solid singles off the 'Simisola' album that has received so much great reviews and buzz upon its release. 

Aimasiko: The title of this track 'Aimasiko' is a Yoruba word which could mean 'Nobody knows tomorrow' and Simi beautifully put this into a conscious record projecting the reality of life which reveals that; God alone knows the future and all of our effort to make it big/achieve in life is all dependant on him. I must confess I am a great critic of Simi for not always being edgy/taking risk with her vocals and style of music but she proved me slightly wrong with this track. Lol. This is a great record which has a great Yoruba influence with the talking drums and that Caribbean feel giving it that Afrocentric/calypso vibe.    

Complete Me: This is an amazing love song that has great instrumental influences of the; lead/bass guitar, talking drums, and violin which brought out the quality of this record all thanks to a well thought out fusion of classical instruments and maintaining that of African essence by Simi and her producer was brilliant.

Gone For Good: Anytime I listen to 'Gone For Good' I always get that Goosebumps feeling, even though this is sort of like a breakup song Simi totally owned it on this record with her vocals and with the melody of the song that simply draws you in deeply that you cant help but love it. This is by far my most favourite track off this project because it is a solid track with all the right elements that could make a hit record.

Original Baby: This is a 'Fela Anikulapo Kuti' influenced record from his1972 classic record titled 'Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am' and we see Simi make a beautiful conscious record again off this album. This is a vital track off this project because its always refreshing to see an artist do a track that can empower listeners to do better with their lives and not having to be compelled to do trendy topics to sell records.

One Kain: This by far one of Simi's most forward and creative records off the Simisola album. One Kain is a mid - tempo record with that 90s influence infused into her traditional Yoruba bilingual and that afrobeats base making it such a fun/flirty record. Yet again Simi proves me wrong that; she can be more than just a one way vocalist. Lol.  

Take Me Back Feat. Adekunle Gold: This is an awesome record that has a high influence of the acoustic/Spanish guitar, trumpets, and the konga. This is the only record off this project with a feature on it by none other than the soulful vocalist Adekunle Gold you would expect nothing less than AMAZING!!! Simi has succeeded in creating a classic love song for the world with this one.

O wa n'be: As the name O wa n'be implies  'Party' we Simi painting perfect scenarios that occur at Nigerian weddings on this brilliant Highlife record making it one of the fun loving records off this album and an appropriate pick for any wedding track list.   

Smile For Me: This record reminds me of one we have already reviewed on this album errrm.... Yes! 'Gone For Good' well I don't mean this completely in a bad way but diversity is key when you want to achieve a classic album most times. However, both records are my best off the project because the melodies of these records are lasting and I have to give kudos to Simi for this beautiful ballad that captures your heart.  

Angelina: The production is fabulous because it has a very contemporary/reggae sound, with a hook  like 'Angelina' that is unforgettable. Simi pulled off another fresh vibe with this record and can be rated as one of the best off this album.   

Hiphop Hurray: This record has that modern trendy vibe to it and surely Simi had something for everyone on this album. I must say not a bad way to close this project. However, this song is not particularly my favourite off the album but it is certainly an appropriate song to have made Simi's track list.  

Bonus Tracks

Love Don't Care: This record unveiled Simi's amazing song writing skills which was accompanied by a very solid production. The alluring strings of the bass/lead guitar made this song whole and one of the best recording from this talented artist till date and may go down as one of classics of all times.   

Tiff: All I can say is that this record and Jamb Question are the records that shot Simi to the limelight and she indeed caught our attention and hasn't disappointed ever since. Simi we are glad you came...

Here are my final thoughts on this album by ''Simi - Simisola.'' This is yet another brilliant album by a female Nigerian artist in the year 2017. ''Simi'' pulled off  a solid project despite the fact she had only one guest feature on it by Adekunle Gold which is quit impressive, because most budding talents always tend to fall into that trap of trying to score big/win new fans by featuring a great line up of A list artist. Not that this is a wrong approach in itself but it is always great to see artist who can standout on their own, this tends to show the depth of their content, boldness and creativity. A few artist have done this in recent times like Kiss Daniel's debut album New Era released in 2016 which we saw the young lad have a successful album without famous guest appearances  and we see Simi do the same this year.Therefore I would like to rate ''Simisola'' a 9.5/10 because this album is as good as a classic considering the track listing, production, lyrics/melody, creativity, songwriting skills, vocal prowess which was as good as perfect but the album wasn't as entertaining as I would have loved it to be and the reason I held back my .5 on this rating. Simi is definitely one talent if well managed will have longevity in her career as a female artist in Nigeria even up to a legendary status globally. Recommendation: keep doing a great job that you are already doing Simi.   

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Simi - Simisola please download it here:

Friday, 3 November 2017

Album Review: Ric Hassani - The African Gentleman


''Ric Hassani'' The foremost Nigerian born alternative/soul musician has finally released his debut album titled  - ''The African Gentleman'' and also a deluxe version that feature more artiste ''The African Gentleman'' which originally consist of seven (11) tracks and was released on the 2nd September, 2017. This review promises to be a joyride as we press play to unveil the art of what this album by ''Ric Hassani'' encompasses.

Gentleman: This was the first single which kicked off the campaign for this project and it had an Afrocentric inspired visual that got the single great reviews and buzz. '' Gentleman'' is a perfect and most symbolic way to kick off an album for ''Ric Hassani'' as it seems to be the core of the concept for this project.

PoliceRic Hassani displays his amazing song writing skills on his beautiful ballad titled 'Police' as his soulful voice glides on the strings of the guitar to bring this record to life and then making it one of the most remarkable tracks off this album. 

Sing: Is a simple love composition that has this alluring soft/pop rock vibe and what's amazing about 'Sing' is the creativity Ric Hassani has put into it with the combination of that traditional ballad accretion, beautiful harmonies accompanied with an African dialect to keep it Afrocentric. The outcome of this record is a winner and makes it one of the best tracks of 'The African Gentleman.'       

Believe: This is a beautiful love song that would work anytime when you are taking that vow with your significant other and it has all the right elements to get the party started at least for a typical Nigerian wedding. Again we see Ric Hassani pushing the envelop with his style and level of creativity which is overly commendable for an alternative artist coming from this part of the world where he has to contend/compete with  contemporary music like; pop and afrobeats.   

Number One: listening to this track from start to finish I would say this is one of the underwhelming song off this project, this is not to say Ric Hassani didn't come through on this record but I believe this track is very predictable without that wow factor to keep the listeners captivated.

Marry You: This record kicks off with the alluring strings of the guitar accompanied by the keys of the piano as we see Ric Hassani deliver another classic love song titled Marry You. This is a record that can only be fully appreciated when it is performed with a live orchestra considering the composition of a mellow build up that ends on a high note making it a listeners favourite.

Beautiful To Me: Now 'Beautiful To Me' is another track that shows the versatility of Ric Hassani as we see him put a superb mix of different genres like; afrobeats and sounds from the Caribbean's to make a fun loving love song. one word... Brilliant.     

Sweet Mother Feat. Mumba  Yachi: I have never seen a song made for mama that goes wrong and 'Sweet Mother Feat. Mumba  Yachi' is not any different. We see Ric Hassani recruit the amazing Zambian artist Mumba  Yachi who added that Afrocentric vibe to this highlife record. This is a well thought out song that if well promoted can give Ric Hassani that crossover hit he deserves across Africa.  

Oge Na Ga Feat. Cabo Snoop, Xcellente & Mr. Nomsy: Ric Hassani features artist across the board on this track and I would have expected nothing less than fire on this record but sadly this is an average track compared to records I have heard so far on this album. My reason for rating this an average track is because 'Oge Na Ga' sounds like something I have heard before i.e. something that  PSquare had done in the past and this made it unexciting for me but overall it is a great effort from the lad.

Only You: This is the second single off the 'The African Gentleman'' album and upon its release was accompanied by a simple and intimate visual of Ric Hassani with his love interest helping to depict an amazing love song. 'Only You' is one record off the album that really unveiled the vocal dexterity of Ric Hassani making it one of the solid track off this project.

As Long As You Love Me: Wrapping up this project  Ric Hassani delivers another experimental number titled 'As Long As you Love Me.' The output of the production and concept of this mid-tempo record is brilliant as it shows his an artist with great potential to go international and have sold-out concerts.   


Here are my final thoughts on this project by ''Ric Hassani - The African Gentleman.'' This is truly a breath of fresh air to the Nigerian Music scene and to have had him grace 2017 with this amazing album is just bissful. ''Ric Hassani'' pulled off solid project and even better with the  deluxe version of this album which had featured A-list artist like; MI Abaga, with Yung L, Tjan, Jonny Drille, Sonyezo, C.C Johnson, and Tay Grin. However, I felt there were a few misses on some of the tracks off the album which had features from ace artist like Mumba  Yachi to Cabo Snoop, Xcellente & Mr. Nomsy and not forgetting to give a huge applause to Jay Sleek who had an impactful production credit for this project. Therefore I would like to rate ''The African Gentleman'' a 9/10. This album could have gotten a 10 because the track listing, production, lyrics/melody, creativity, songwriting skills, vocal prowess, and entertainment was perfect but due to a few weak songs on the tracklist I had to give it a 9 which is still great, but maybe if those weak songs had come under the deluxe version of the album and some off the deluxe version made the album then a 10 would have been eminent for Ric Hassani.  

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Ric Hassani - The African Gentleman please download it here:

Music Superstar, Akon to Host AFRIMA 2017 in Lagos

''Multi--award winning African-American music star, Akon, has been unveiled as host of the 4th annual All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) scheduled to hold on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at the Eko Convention Centre of the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
According to a statement by the African Union Commission and the International Committee of AFRIMA made available to the media on Tuesday, October 31, the Senegal-born superstar will handle the event proceedings of the live broadcast award show scheduled to air live on over 80 television stations and online platforms across the world with support from the co-host, Ms. Sophy Aiida, a Cameroonian-French entertainment broadcaster.
With a track record of outstanding success in the global music industry that has brought immense recognition to Africa’s creative energy and originality, Akon, a multi-Grammy award winning singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, has put his name in the Guinness Book of World Record as the number one selling artiste for master ringtones in the world.
Ranked the fifth most powerful celebrity in Forbes’s Africa list of 40, Akon is also a business man and philanthropist who is passionate about the African continent. He provides electricity for 15 African countries through his “Light Africa Project” and supports underprivileged African youngsters through his Konfidence Initiative. He runs music labels, Konvict Music and Kon Live Republic successfully
Co-host Sophy Aiida is a prolific broadcaster who is known on radio as Cameroon’s biggest-girl-next-door. Sophy was born in Paris, moved to New York where she spent 15 years before returning to Cameroon to contribute to her homeland. The multilingual and multi-talented woman is regarded as one of Central Africa’s biggest show host. Sophy has also acted in rave African French-speaking movies and has also dropped a debut single.  Sophy Aiida is the co-founder of the Nakande Project, an initiative that supports the emergence of great young women through its education, empowerment and mentorship programmes. She has hosted various annuals show and events in Africa.
Meanwhile, Africans on the continent and in the diaspora are in eager anticipation for the AFRIMA 2017 main awards ceremony and the AFRIMA Music Village scheduled to hold on Friday, November 10. The Music Village is an evening of non-stop open music festival of live performances from African stars and nominees, with an audience of 40,000 people. It will also be broadcast live and produced by a prominent experiential marketing/production agency in Africa, Backstage Pro.
The annual All Africa Music Awards in partnership with the African Union Commission, is a celebration of Africa by rewarding the creativity and originality of African artistes and songwriters with the resplendent 23.9 carat gold-plated AFRIMA trophy. The 2017 Main Awards Ceremony, in association with Lagos State of Nigeria, the Official Host City, will be a colourful, performance-packed event graced by music stars, industry legends, captains of industries, diplomats, government officials, music lovers across the continent. The event will be broadcast live across 84 countries in Africa.
Also lined up for the weekend of AFRIMA 2017 is Africa Music Business Roundtable in Association with TRACE with the theme, Digital Takeover: Shaping the Future of African Music (November 10). AMBR is a platform created by AFRIMA for engagement on music, money, media and evolving global business practices as they affect the creative industries in Africa.''

Plugged Music Festival Debuts in Port Harcourt This Christmas


''Pleasure Park Port Harcourt and Plugged Music Festival Ltd have reached an agreement to jointly organise one of Nigeria’s biggest and dopest Music Festival, The Plugged Music Festival in the spanking new and expansive Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, this Christmas.
According to a statement released by the Chief Executive Officer of the Plugged Music Festival, Mr. Chima Emmanuel Aguma, the 2-day Festival at the heart of the city of Port Harcourt, will bring together top acts of the Nigerian music industry to the garden-city for an event like no other in the South-South of Nigeria.
‘In the next couple of days, we’d be unveiling top acts that would be performing on the show. The plugged music festival would change the character of entertainment in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Nigeria at large.
‘It’s a day-time and late-evening event for the whole family, fun-seekers and lovers of the good life that will show Port Harcourt City as never before seen,’ said Mr. Aguma.
The event is scheduled for Saturday, the 16th and Sunday, the 17th of December, 2017 and ticket sales will commence on November 1, 2017 at Pleasure Park, Port Harcourt and other designated outlets around the city.
Sponsors and partners of the show according to the statement are the Rivers State Signage and Advertising Agency, SoundCity Africa, Rite Foods Limited, the manufacturers of  Bigi soft drinks and Fearless Energy drink, Visa Karena Hotels and a lot more.''
For Sponsorship & Enquiries: Call: 08089692326 or 07055111111
Or Visit: www.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @PluggedMF  

Yemi Alade - Single & Searching Feat. Falz & Heart Robber

''Off her forthcoming triumphant third studio titled "Black Magic"; Africa supreme diva Yemi Alade releases two fresh singles ahead of the set's arrival.
The award-winning vocal powerhouse gives us a taste of her magic on the dauntless "Single & Searching" featuring Falz, which is accompanied by the mellow "Heart Robber".
The former is produced by Young D, while the latter by KrizBeatz; and both tracks will be housed on Miss Alade's "Black Magic", which is expected to hit stores in 2017.
Must Listen!!!''


Friday, 8 September 2017

Jesse Jagz - Odysseus [The Album]


On his return to Chocolate City 'Jesse Jagz' finally releases his highly anticipated album 'Odysseus' which was pushed forward a year ago to 2017 but this album promises to be an album worth waiting for with a line up of artiste on this ten (10) track project which features; Burna Boy, Styl-Plus, Hot Ice, Cynthia Morgan, and Melon of R2Bees.
Click on the download button and press play.


Simi - Simisola [The Album]


X3M Music presents the critically acclaimed album 'Simisola' by 'Simi.' The twelve (12) track album has a feature from 'Adekunle Gold' and three (3) bonus tracks from her pervious releases. Click the download button and press play.