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''Ipswich-based UK Hip-Hop star in the making Piers James is continuing to separate himself from the pack. With Hip-Hop such a fervent battle ground for young MCs Piers is back to take his place with These Nights a laid back boom-bap ode to friendship, family and future good times. The piano-led break, although originally composed by Piers, sounds like it's straight off an early Nas record, cut with heavy drums and Piers’ laid back delivery to evoke his influences (Tribe Called Quest and The Neptunes) perfectly.

 Piers says of the release: “When I started producing ‘These Nights’, the chords I put down on the piano gave me an uplifting feel, so I wanted to make this track something special and from the heart, not just raps over a beat. It had a nostalgic feel, reminding me of previous good times spent with friends, family and even looking forward to future memories that we'll share. I think sometimes in life we focus too much on the negative side of things so wanted to bring some positivity within the lyrics and vibe of the song.”

To back this up, Piers is giving as much back to his local community as possible and will be performing talks at Ipswich Academy, in May. James explains: “I want to wanted to express the importance of nurturing the creative talent of our youth and to let them know that life is full of potential whatever it throws at you. We should be supporting the younger generation with knowledge and more enabling environments in music where they can develop their potential to the fullest while meeting other creatives along the way.”
Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed Vibes and Tribulations EP, ‘These Nights is the new single from the follow-up Vibes and Tribulations II coming later in the year.''

Ipswich Academy is part of the Paradigm trust, for more info please check out ipswichacademy.paradigmtrust.o rg

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EP Review: Iyanya - Signature

''Iyanya'' as we know is the foremost winner of the median edition of ''Project Fame West Africa''  who was recently signed to ''Mavin Records'' and he has kicked off his campaign as one of the new member of the label by the release of his new EP titled ''Signature'' on the (28th March, 2017). ''Signature'' was released and consist of twelve (8) tracks.

Odeyewu: is a track that delivered heavy production/vocal assistance by none other than the don himself ''Don Jazzy''  with some inspirational influence of gospel and a groovy vibe that can easily get your attention, as well as put you in the mood in thanking God for the gift of ''Odeyewu.'' Lol.  This is certainly a good way for ''Iyanya'' to kick off this EP ''Signature.'' This track certainly deserves a humorous visual or something...

Hold On: Can be seen as a fusion of r&b, highlife, and afrobeat, with a modern touch that is accompanied by the alluring vibe of the electric guitar and superb harmonies. This track depicts a scenario of suckers for love who may have gone through their fair share of bad relationships and finally meet someone they really dig but there's a need to take it nice and slow not to get it wrong this time... ''Hold On'' is a brilliant mid -tempo love song that deserves a well thought out music video to bring the track to life. 

Baby Answer: This is a track that seem to have all the right elements of a hit from the; production to the lyrics and  to the vibe but ''Baby Answer'' sounds and feels cliche, like something a ''P- Square'' would have done on their album but hey! i guess its equally an appropriate track for this project.

Not Forgotten Feat. Poe: This is a heartfelt number by ''Iyanya'' citing life experiences from the loss of loved ones and success that follows after a period of strive. We see '' Iyanya'' display his vocal prowess with the aid of a rap performance by the talented rap act ''Poe'' who adds weight of quality to this brilliant ballad and an amazing production effort by ''Altims'' This is certainly my best record off ''Signature.''

Celebrate: As the name implies ''Celebrate'' is a feel good track that celebrates the success of hard work against all odds. ''Iyanya'' shows off his fun side on this track that could easily become a club favorite if well promoted, most especially in this era of recession and knowing how resilient Nigerians can be, this would be a nice track to cool off with.

Nobody Has to Know: Is a sensual number with a modern/old school twist  that reminds you of elements from the likes of; ''Drake'' ''Rihanna'' to ''Boyz II Men.'' ''Nobody Has to Know'' shows off ''Iyanya'' versatility but i'did rather have it as an interlude on the project and not an actual song. 

Bow For You: Laced by the beautiful strings of the bass guitar ''Iyanya'' puts out a love track that can be a favorite at weddings and events in Nigeria, as we enjoy the great chemistry between him and super talented producer  ''Don Jazzy.''

Bonus: Up To Something Feat. Don Jazzy & Dr Sid: This is the lead/ bonus track off ''Signature'' and ''Up To Something'' is a well thought out song that I didn't enjoy from my first listen however, it grew on me and its indeed a good way for ''Don Jazzy'' to introduce ''Iyanya'' to the world and having ''Dr Sid'' add some ''Mavin Records'' touch. ''Up To Something'' has been ruling the airwaves since its release and I would love to more single of the EP promoted.

 Here are my final thoughts on the extended play review for  ''Signature'' I enjoyed listening to the project and it certainly brings listeners back to the era ''Iyanya'' when he gave us the pure essence of R&B, maybe the reason he tilted this project ''Signature.'' This is a GOOD project considering the quality of work put into the project and how if reflects some of ''Iyanya'' past/ present experiences and with production /sound engineering skills from the likes of ace producers ''Don Jazzy'' '' Dj Coublon'' ''Altims'' ''Seanstain'' and ''Bigfoot'' to new comer producers like; ''Altims'' and ''Baby Fresh.'' He also had two of his label mates on features in the persons of; ''Poe'' and ''Dr Sid'', who both added great value to the tape and didn't make it seem like he was trying to hard to pull an audience to peep the EP with a line up of features on it. Therefore based on my conclusion I would rate ''Signature'' a 7/10.
I look forward to more material from ''Iyanya'' under the Mavins crew in 2017 and beyond.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Iyanya - Signature EP please download it here: 

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Mixtape Review: Tito Brown - Urban Stereo Sounds

Nigerian Hip Hop&Rap/Producer Tito Brown debut his embodiment of work titled ''Urban Stereo Sounds'' (USS) and it was released on the (18th August, 2016). ''Urban Stereo Sounds'' was released by this budding Jay-town talent and consist of twenty (20) tracks which is divided into two parts- the ''Dark side'' and the ''Light Side''.


Overtime: What a great way to introduce listeners to the ''USS Mixtape'' as we see ''Tito Brown'' spit bars on this laid-back Hip hop beat. ''Overtime'' is the kind of track that can be easily related to across the board with everyday life experiences as there's always two sides to the coin when we strive to achieve/make a mark; some people would say it can't be done and others would motive you to try but if you believe and work ''Overtime''  and with the hope of tomorrow then it can be done. 

U.F.O: Now this is one track that deserves a sci-fi kinda visual for people to fully appropriate the idea behind this song. ''Producer X'' does a great job with the beat as we see ''Tito Brown'' hit it right with his flow and hook on the chorus. The ''U.F.O'' also has some trace/feel of the modern day trap music but with him keeping it 100 and this is what makes this song all the more exciting. 

Aim One: ''I shine like the sun but my reign/rain is dark'' is a few lines on this track that caught my attention and shows how much ''Tito Brown'' deserves a spot in the game with such beautiful wordplay and metaphorical flow to deliver a brilliant record. 

Civilized:  Now ''Civilized'' reminds me why i loved this MC from day 1.  ''Tito Brown'' came through on this heartfelt/soulful track about the reality we live in today (with excerpts from the movie ''The Grand Budapest Hotel'' by M. Gustave'') and what i love the most about this track is how ''Tito Brown'' switched his style on the piano/organ laced record and the creativity on delivery shows that Nigerian Hip hop is in safe hands. This is also one of my favorites off the mixtape and a good reason why this project is worth checking out.

Belee That: ''Tito Brown'' comes off with a brilliant concept for ''Belee That'' and earns it as one of my favorites off the mixtape. ''Belee That'' is an amazingly, beautifully crafted Hip hop/Afrobeat infused track with an old school vibe to it and it has a complimentary synergy between the flow and the hook on the track. 

6ix: is a ''Tito Brown'' and ''Producer X'' production. We hear the beat go in hard as it keeps the listeners woke to ''Tito Brown's'' wordplay as he uses the word/number ''6ix'' in a pretty creative way giving his audience a reason to stay glued to the mixtape. This dude just want his ''6ix'' figures of everything good and he definitely going to get 'em with this attitude. 

Compromising: ''Yaxie'' delivers a brilliant production on ''Compromising'' as we see ''Tito Brown'' take us on a journey ride through an average lads sexual fantasies/attraction with the aid of the Hausa language, he gives the track that edginess to a very laid-back soulful instrumental. This is also a favorite off the mixtape.   

Waves: This is one of the leading singles of the mixtape that was accompanied by what i would describe as a viral video which was shot in Jos, Plateau State and i would say an appropriate choice. With lines like ''I am riding the waves like a life dictator so you better be true'' ''You will find out i am being of different class if i take you to school''  simply amazing right? fantastic record off the mixtape that  surely deserves a video too.

Bad Belle: ''Bad Belle'' is an ''MI Abaga'' Afrobeat inspired track produced by ''Tito Brown'' himself and the chorus laced with heavy vocal chords as it introduces us to the everyday challenges we can all relate with as it deals with success and envy. ''Tito Brown'' shows his versatility as a producer and MC on this track with the rhythm, flow, and vibe drawing you in after a few listen of the track. 

Oga Na / Stay Alive: Sampling of a ''Kanye West'' classic ''Tito Brown'' goes off on a very good start with the  assistance of the Hausa language and i love the way he switches his style with the flow as well as the beat. ''Tito Brown'' is simply stating the obvious.... he's here to stay as he reps his squad ''PSM.''

Decipher's Interlude: Prefect timing for an interlude and an end to the ''Dark Side'' of the mixtape. ''Tito Brown'' expresses his creativity through a poetry kinda freestyle with a mix of English and Hausa language to deliver an incredible interlude. 


Nigerian Girl Feat. P6ix & Producer X: This is an average track that kicks off the ''Light Side'' of the mixtape even with the assistance from ''P6ix'' and ''Producer X'' i would have expected something more explosive to get the listeners going but it did fall short. The track lacked any sense of direction/concept  and left no lasting impression after a listen. 

Working Feat. Joey Jam: With a Badboy Records sample on this track both ''Tito Brown'' and ''Joey Jam'' went in on this one with a bit of humor to it they both deliver great bars to the ''Producer X'' produced beat.

No Love Feat. Cloud9Ne: With excerpts from one of ''Malcolm X'' infamous quotes, he ain't got ''No Love'' for the haters that's what ''Tito Brown'' and ''Cloud9Ne'' tries to portray on this track as they both go back and forth spitting lines about reality.   

Bombay Feat. Toyenero & P6ix: Okay! this is ''Tito Brown'' giving us a feel of another side to his artistic abilities as a singer/reggae/afropop act. I have always been an advocate of not being boxed into a certain genre as an artist. However, i am not sure ''Bombay'' did it for me maybe it has something to do with the production? don't know.... but the track is worth the effort overall and it shows that ''Tito Brown'' can sell records as well as keep it real with the streets. This track features another MC to watch out for in the person of ''P6ix'' and the amazing vocalist ''Toyenero.''

Love Life Feat. Suranu: This track is underwhelming despite a great production and even with the assistant of the great trumpet that gave it that jazz/soulful vibe. I don't know if it had something to do with the hook, vocals, or ''Tito Brown'' delivery but it was  an average song for me. The track did however have a good story-line. 

Calculate Feat. Toyenero : ''Calculate '' is a track that would remind you why you love Hip hop and R&B the 90s style. ''Tito Brown'' delivers a playful and easy to digest flow on ''Calculate '' making it an appropriate track for the project. He recruits ''Toyenero'' who brings that fantastic fusion to the track that brought it to life.

Nothing on Benjamin Feat. P6ix: This track reminds me of the Crunk era which is a good thing by the way in the context we are discussing and its certainly a good fill up for the tape. There's however nothing spectacular about this track as it sounds like something the ''GripBoiz'' would have created a while back, so the track didn't really sound fresh to me. 

We Been On Feat. Amir & Joey Jam: This is yet another one of ''Tito Brown'' efforts as a producer and we see another strategic collaboration which features ''Amir'' and ''Joey Jam'' and i could say by far the illest combination of these three artist on one track.

Headlines Feat. Producer X: ''Tito Brown'' and ''Producer X'' team up again to deliver a brilliant number about the present day Nigeria as we all know the gimmicks of politics/politicians through  their promises to the masses and most times they don't get fulfilled and as a result created a wide divide between the rich and poor which has somewhat led to the ''Recession'' we find ourselves in today. ''Tito Brown'' is calling on every Nigerian through a collective effort  to make a change so we can realize the Nigeria of our dreams. 

Purple Cycle Feat. Amir / Candy Outro: ''Tito Brown'' closes off this mixtape on a high note as he recruits the amazing MC ''Amir'' and they both took us back on an magic old school style of rap and the vibe was just perfect. For the records, this is by far my favorite track off the ''USS'' mixtape. The concept, production, the rap, flow, the hook, and the switch to the ''Candy Outro'' was a total hit. They simply aced this one. Thumps up!   

 Here are my final thoughts on the mixtape review for  ''Urban Stereo Sound (USS)'' I enjoyed listening to the project and its certainly a great first effort from this young MC. Tito Brown's mixtape ''Urban Stereo Sound (USS)'' is an above average project considering the quality of work put into the project and how he showed drive and versatility to the embodiment of work with production credits to his name as well. The production /sound engineering skills from producers like ''Producer X'' ''Yaxie'' ''Geekbeats'' and himself ''Tito Brown'' with some well thought out features and a few misplaced ones  all added great value and dynamics to the tape and reasons in my conclusion I would rate ''Urban Stereo Sound (USS)'' a 7.5/10 because of a few hit and misses with the features and the idea behind the concept of the mixtape. ''Tito Brown'' is one artiste to watch out for in the Nigerian music scene and beyond.
I look forward to more material from Tito Brown in 2017.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Urban Stereo Sound (USS) -  Mixtape please download it for free here: 

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Cobhams Asuquo: '‘For You’' Tracklist For Forthcoming Album

This is Just For You!
"For You" - That's the title of the soon-to-be-released album of award-winning producer, musician and songwriter Cobhams Asuquo. The long awaited release drops in less than two weeks after 5 years of writing, recording and collaborating. The 14-track album features Grammy, Stellar and Dove award-winning producer Aaron Lindsey, singer/songwriter Claire Hendershot and our very own Nosa.
The album pre-order goes live in just a few hours! Below is a sneak peak of the full list of 14 tracks on the album which drops on March 12th:

1. Make Our Hearts2. Here It Is3. Highly Lifted (feat. Aaron Lindsey)4. No One (feat. Nosa)5. Oh How I love (feat. Claire Hendershot)6. Let Your Kingdom Come7. For You8. More Of You9. Glorious Deliverer10. Here I Am11. Ordinary People12. Eyin Sa13. Praise To The Lord (feat. Claire Hendershot)14. Angels All Round

CHRISTED RECORDS Presents: Pump up my volume ft Christ Rydaz, Otto Vonpablo, Modallas, Corban, Cylent.

''Christed Records is putting out an EP to celebrate the signing of their new artists to the label Corban, Modallas, Cylent and Dj DREXX. 
The EP feature all the artist on Christed Records roaster like Otto Vonpablo, Christ Rydaz, Corban, Modallas, Cylent, Dj DREXX and other artist that are related to the label. 
The label has decided to drop their first hit single off the EP 'Pump up my volume' telling the Dj to pump up and loud up their sound. 

Connect on Twitter / @christedrecords @ChristRydaz  @ottovonpablo @corbansabiboy @iammodallas @iamCYLENT''

TRAEDONYA! Releases Solo Debut Ep to Preorder on Itunes

''Prohibition Entertainment in Association with TRAEDONYA!(aka The Bride
Of New Funk Hipopera) is excited to announce the preorder for her solo debut
Ep 4 Portraits. This is her first official release in over 5 1/2 years.

The 4 Portraits is a multidimensional project tieing together seamlessly music,
sports and art. The songs metaphorically represent the 4 iconic sports figures 
as paintings. The portraits are Derek Jeter(baseball), Kareem Abdul Jabbar
(basketball), Pele(soccer) and Jim Brown(american football).
For the preorder to the official release date of 2/17/17 Prohibition will offer 
some special incentives. There is a exclusive song(portrait) based on 22
time grand slam winner Serena Williams called Concrete Rose. The song
My Favourite Guy(Derek Jeter) is a instant gratification track when you 
purchase the Ep. Finally a special $2.99 price point for Ep.  It has
been 5 1/2 years since i have been out so i wanted to give the listeners 
more of a reason to check me out says TRAEDONYA!

During the preorder period a Go Fund Me campaign has been launched
to assist in the development of a stage design for upcoming tour dates.
I want to give the consumer a more immersive experience says 
TRAEDONYA!. Below are links to connect with TRAEDONYA!:''

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Mixtape Review: Show Dem Camp (SDC) - Clone Wars 3 :The Recession

Nigerian Hip Hop/Rap duo Show Dem Camp '' SDC'' releases the last installment to their ''Clone Wars'' mixtape series titled ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' with the ''Clone Wars'' volumes 1&2 released in 2010 and 2012 respectively, on the (31st December, 2016). ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' was released and consist of twelve (12) tracks.

Intro: SDC kicks off with this soothing hip hop/soulful vibe with ''Ghost of (SDC)'' introducing the tape with a roll call of shout outs to their day 1s of friends and industry mates. Then the  intro immediately draws the listener in with interesting story telling about the industry, society, economy, and future movements. a pretty good way to let you into the world of ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession.'' 

Rise of the Underdogs: This track gets you going almost immediately and can end up being one of your favorites of the tape as it was the case for me. Its indeed a track for the champions. The baseline holds you sway as the strings of the guitar ushers you into the depth of the songs wholeness. As the name implies ''Tec'' and ''Ghost''  of (SDC) builds on the ''Intro'' of the tape as they paint a perfect picture of the struggles an artist face trying to rise to the top in a sector which can be quite relative to life in general but with patience and persistence anyone can rise and shine. 

How Far 1: The ''Show Dem season is upon us...'' very creative track i must say. The beat starts with some dancehall vibe to get you grooving and then switches to a very hard Hip hop feel that lays a traditional ''SDC'' storytelling of what a regular lad experiences daily with the hustle. 

D.I.L.L.I.G.A. Feat. Mojeed: This should stand for ''Do I Look Like I Give A...'' and it features Aristokrat Records rapper ''Mojeed'' in ''D.I.L.L.I.G.A''brings on a bit of the crunk/trap kinda music feel and this track goes out to all 'dem fake a$$ dudes who always want to be about where success is happening but ''SDC'' ain't having none of that. Well was looking forward to more bars on this track but my desire was short-lived, as the track felt like an interlude and not a full track but a great jam overall. 

Love Naija: If you live in Nigeria or have lived in Nigeria you can totally relate to this track. ''SDC'' brought to life the struggles an average Nigerian goes through daily and as Nigeria is facing one of its most difficult period in its history with the ''Recession'' which is largely as a result in a build up of poor management. However, Nigeria may have recorded remarkable things and made the history books, possess both human and material wealth, and has loads of potential, reasons you would love to hate Naija. This is the reason we all ''Love Naija.'' Change for the better is eminent as we all need to effect that change as we look within. 

Move Mountains: This ''Jay Z'' inspired kinda track with a classic piano piece and a motivational drive to it simply makes it a Hip hop classic. ''Move Mountains'' sees ''Tec of SDC'' lead on this one after five (5) tracks with ''Ghost of SDC'' leading the pack. This is what you call a beautiful rap sung. Indeed all we need is faith to achieve anything we desire/dream with trust in God.

BMW. Feat. Funbi: I remember growing up my dad bought a BMW car and my mom use to always call it ''Be My Wife'' and she was usually excited when she does that.. I don't know but maybe its something about German cars that get the ladies going... Lol! Anyways, ''SDC'' recruits ''Funbi'' who adds an amazing R&B/Soul touch to this love song and what a brilliant way to describe an attraction for a woman. ''BMW'' is one of my favorites off this tape and it sure deserves a visual for it to take listeners on this cruise they have already laid out on the track. 

10,000 Hours: The wordplay on this record is simply amazing....''SDC'' takes us through a journey as they connect with our ancestors who had left an impact/legacy across the content and beyond and how this has inspired them to becoming better artist. ''SDC'' went further to challenge and task present day leaders on the need to leave a lasting legacy and not be carried away by how to get a piece of the ''National cake.'' This is a key track on the tape as it relates to our past, present, and future realities. 

Respect My Name Feat. IkonSyndik8 Records act/producer ''Ikon'' lights it up on this track ''Respect My Name'' as ''SDC'' spills about the doggedness of the music industry from; deception, intrigues, politics, betrayals, jealously, envy, and the list goes on. But those that will survive need to stay true to self and not get caught up in the hype. ''Respect My Name'' is a very intense track that reveals the rawness of this Hip hop duo. 

Tales Of A Side Nicca: Another favorite off the tape and ''SDC'' takes us into the world of being a side nicca... well i thought it was a man's world but listening to ''Tales Of A Side Nicca'' gave me a different perspective to life but hey! its the 21st century and the world of endless possibilities. Apparently, tables have turned right now... you ever been a side nicca? Lol!

The Interlude (Pay Attention)''SDC'' slows it down on this one and they asking listeners vital questions about the essence of life. What vision are you telling? Why are you here for (purpose)? These are very important questions that leaves us with a food for thought daily so we don't lose sight of the goal. Stay focused! ''(Pay Attention).'' 

Live, Love, Laugh, Eat Feat. Sir Dauda: This track is a deeper essence of ''The Interlude (Pay Attention)'' it exposes the need to know why you on earth for? and living that life each day towards that goal. Life gives back what you give it... life can be as simple as you make it to be as long as you let God be the center. This is yet another track off the mixtape that i feel deserves a good video too.

 Here are my final thoughts on the mixtape review for  ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' I enjoyed listening to the project and its certainly a listeners digest for 2017 and beyond Show Dem Camp (SDC) mixtape ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' is a SOLID project considering the quality of work put into the project and how if reflects our present day Nigeria as well as the world at large. With production /sound engineering skills from the likes of ace producers ''Ikon'' and ''Kid Konnect'' and well thought out features with the likes of; Sir Dauda,Funbi,Mojeed, all added great value to the tape and it is quite hard to fault this mixtape and based on my conclusion I would rate ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' a 9/10. Worth checking out...
I look forward to a Show Dem Camp (SDC) Sophomore Album titled ''That Year'' in 2017.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Show Dem Camp (SDC) - Clone Wars 3 :The Recession  Mixtape please download it for free here: