Saturday, 18 January 2014

FreshL – Godfather II (Outro)

In my opinion FreshL of (DRB Lasgidi) had one of the most amazing mixtapes of 2013 ”93′s Best” and it proves he got great talent beyond just being in a group. FreshL presents to us visuals to a track ” Godfather II (Outro)” off that mixtape.
Check on it!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Wale Documents Nigerian Trip for ‘I Am From’ Documentary (Trailer)

Here is a trailer to a documentary of the life of the successful US born Nigerian artist/rapper WALE titled ‘I Am From’ and it is scheduled to air on P Diddy’s Revolt TV on Monday January 20th 2014.

I am sure we are all excited to see his story unfold in this up coming documentary. in the meantime check out the trailer  here...

Delta State to Become Nigeria’s Medical Tourism Destination – Ogeah


''With the successful kidney transplant accomplished at the Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH), Oghara, on Tuesday, January 13, the stage is now set for the state to become Nigeria’s medical tourism destination.
The kidney transplant, the first of its kind in the country, followed the successful knee cap and hip replacement surgeries earlier undertaken in the hospital last year.
Congratulating Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, Governor of Delta State, over the feat, the state Commissioner for Information, Chike Ogeah, said the success of Tuesday’s surgery signals the advent of more complex operations to be undertaken at the hospital that will ultimately make DELSUTH a centre for medical excellence and tourism in Nigeria.
He said the pioneering surgeries at the hospital demonstrate Dr. Uduaghan’s visionary leadership and unique approach to healthcare in the country, noting that Delta remains the only state with a comprehensive healthcare programme.
“Delta State is the only place where pregnant women enjoy comprehensive free healthcare coverage and free delivery, including free caesarean section. In addition to that, every new born baby enjoys free medical care until five years of age. This is unprecedented and largely explains why Delta State by far has the lowest maternal death rate”, Ogeah said in Asaba.
When the Uduaghan administration came into office in 2007, the death rate per 1,000 births was over 500. However, by 2013, the figure had dropped to about 250 deaths per 1,000 births, giving Delta State by far the best record in the country.
“Uduaghan has set the pace whereby wealthy Nigerians will no longer have cause to travel abroad for even complex medical situations. Rather, we are the point where people from other countries will be coming to Delta State in search of specialist medical care. That is what medical tourism is all about and DELSUTH is leading the way”, Ogeah said.
The commissioner said the DELSUTH project involves not just the acquisition and installation of world class medical facilities but in the development of well-trained manpower to undertaken surgeries hitherto obtainable only in developed countries.
Uduaghan, himself an accomplished medical doctor who was part of the team that successful undertook the kidney transplant, had facilitated a five-year partnership between DELSUTH and UT South-Western Medical Centre, Dallas, the United States of America to build infrastructure and human capacity.
Two years ago, the Delta State Government started subsidizing dialysis of kidney patients in DELSUTH and progressively brought the cost down from N20,000 to N5,000 applicable only to patients of Delta State origin.''
SOURCE: Nigeria Political Economist 


”Upon its release last month, the fresh new single “Ada Owerri” from fast-rising Nigerian Pop sensation KIN has steadily been taking over radio playlists across Nigeria from the likes of Rhythm FM and Brilla FM to Hot FM and Love FM in Abuja to Warri’s Crown FM among others and garnering support from leading online publications and tastemakers.
With fans and critics now clamouring for an “Ada Owerri” music video, the singer and songwriter – who has been touted as one to watch in 2014 – and prolific UK director Charles Bonja recently ventured off to the beta-world city of Birmingham in England to craft a very fitting music video for this future hit single that is “Ada Owerri”.
Enjoy some behind-the-scenes footage and pictures from the exciting video shoot below, captured by Chiwane TV and Dadahinc Photography.”

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Brain – The Bridge [ Mandela Tribute Video]

”Nigeria’s fast rising hiphop act, BRAIN has dropped visuals for the tribute song, *“The Bridge” *which he made for the late *South African president, Dr. Nelson Mandela*. The tribute song which received rave review among
music lovers world-wide is a huge boost to the young act’s career.
The highly creative video was directed by a young but creative *Dedede Films* owned by *Ayelabade Adewunmi*. Speaking on his reasons for making a tribute song to honour the late African legend, *BRAIN* says, “It’s a privilege to sing about *Madiba* whom everyone has a great respect for globally. I decided to sing about his
virtues and what he stands for, which are: *peace, love, equality,
unity*among others in *“The Bridge”*. *Dr. Mandela*’s death is a wake-up call to *African leaders* to make sure that there’s peace and unity among Africans. Africa is plaque by bad leadership and I’m using this song to call on all African leaders and her citizens to imbibe the good qualities of *Madiba*,” he stated.
*“The Bridge” *is produced by the fast-rising producer, *Mr. Vyne *and was mixed and mastered by *Seanz Beat*.
Check on it!

GospelOnDeBeatz - Say Oh! ft. LK Kuddy & E.C.O

''GospelOnDeBeatz celebrates his birthday today treating music lovers with a new single single featuring his Flux Factory label-mates LK Kuddy & E.C.O. The producer known for his numerous hits ranging from Davido's "All of You" to Tiwa Savage's "Ileke" wowed us last year with materials lifted off his hotly anticipated "Musiqpedia" and now he is presenting this groovy mid-tempo piece titled "Say Oh!". Check out Gospel Obi preaching his musical gospel. Download, listen, share and enjoy!

Follow the celebrated producer on Twitter via @Gospelondebeatz and be sure to visit for more information.''


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Tay - Righ Now Ft. Shiz(Prod By. Tay)

Fresh and good music from the young and talented artist/producer Tay on a song tilted ''Right Now'' and it features Shiz.
What will make you love and respect this Abuja based talent is that he is not even 17 years old yet :O
Listen up!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Meet Oscar Ekponimo, Young Nigerian Innovator who wowed the World

Meet Oscar Ekponimo, the young innovator who represented Nigeria at the ITU Telecom World 2013 in Bangkok. His innovation is an application to help humanity check wastage of food.
What area is your innovation?
My innovation is in the area of food waste reduction; using web and mobile platform. There’re six global challenges that the UN under the ITU asked young people who are working in the start-up industry and also who are proficient in technology to innovate unique solutions to solve these global challenges and one of them included food waste. According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation, FAO, a third of the world’s food is wasted in the current method of production and distribution, so how could people help organisations and nations to leverage ICT to reduce this? My solution uses a mobile platform to reduce food waste.
How it works                                                               
It’s two sides; we have the retailers and the individuals.  At the retail level what this unique mobile solution does is that it allows retail stores track their inventory that is nearing expiration. What we do is that we go around and sign up stores; those stores have this application on their apps and, whenever they have inventory that is almost expiring, an alert is triggered, when it is triggered we receive it on that platform and then we know that we need to come and get some of the food and stop it from being wasted.
For example a store may have a huge stock of cereal and then 10 days to expiry of a particular cereal or product an alert is triggered, we pick it up and we serve it to the needy people. We’ll be partnering with non-profit organisations; when we gather these foods from the retailers, we give it to non-profit organisations and they distribute it to the needy people.
At the individual level; you and I have xcess food in our cupboard that sometimes we don’t need. I’ve been able to relate personally to these experiences. In October, 2013, I travelled a lot and when I came back I realised some Quaker Oats I had left in my cupboard went dead with ants.
If a unique solution like this is available we could easily donate that as individuals. How it works is that you as an individual, if you have that application running in your phone you can trigger a notification that you have excess food you’ll like to donate and then we’ll come pick it up.
There’s also an SMS server implementation for low-end phones; if you don’t have high-end phones, like the smart phones, you can participate using an SMS service. If you’re using a low-end phone, when you send this notification, an auto response is sent  back to you and then there’s an information on the closest drop off point for your donations because there’s going to be logistics issue going to individual homes to pick up donations. If you’re in a city like Abuja, we could say drop it at Barnex Plaza for instance.
What prompted the initiative?
I have an end in mind; I have a vision of the kind of things I want to be associated with in 10 years from now, but it’s more of a personal experience, growing up between 1997 and 2004. As I was growing up my dad took ill and stopped working, there was a huge burden on the family at that time financially; a major issue at the time was food.  We lived in an average home, my siblings and I but there was just no food at that time.
During that period of 1997-2004 sometimes I went to school without food; I was in secondary school at that time up until 2003. Between that period I was going to school hungry and I couldn’t learn; it affected my academics, so it’s something I could relate with so I always said, sometime in the future I’ll do something to tackle hunger and in 2009 I and a couple of my friends, we had what we called ‘Blue Valentine’. On Valentine Day we went out, taking food to street kids.
Again moving forward, I gained some experience in ICT. After my NYSC I’ve worked with the defence industry, the NIA, as a defence contractor so I built some of these skills and I looked back in retrospect to say since I have these skills I can use it to make things better.
I turned 27 years in April  2013 and graduated at 24 after studying computer science at the University of Calabar.
Your target audience
We can’t solve all the problems but to me there’s an entry point to everything. I thought about it from this angle, there are a lot of organisations solving problems of hunger but then, there’s food still being wasted. So if we can save that food and add it to the entire food chain of people helping hungry people that’s going to be a plus. That’s why I didn’t just stop it at reducing food waste, which is what the initial problem solving paradigm was,  I extended it to the entire value chain so that when we get this food that would have been wasted, we give it to the hungry people.
I will be talking to Save the Children, they’re our partner non-profit organisation that will be distributing it to hungry people. And we’re talking to Urban Nigeria, there’re non-profit also, based in Abuja. They deal with Orphans and Vulnerable Children, OVCs. When we get products from some of these stalls we will deliver it to them and they will distribute it. We will also partner telecom operators. The plan is to have it as a home application ; like when you launch your mobile phone for example, you have some applications there. If you can have that as your home screen just as we have Eskimi and MTN online there’ll be more awareness. There’s another aspect which I’ll be approaching them about; it’s a form of CSR and by the grace of God they’ll open their door. We’re planning to build a revenue model around VAS. For example we distribute content for healthy food tips and then if people pay for them we would be able to split the revenue and use it for sustainability, because every business, even non-profit has to be sustainable because you can’t add that value without having money to reach out to these people.
There’s a new paradigm in non-profit called social business. In other words if you’re doing a non-profit, you can do it as a business. So you can actually solve the problem of your immediate community in terms of what you’re doing and also build a business out of it. We have several models like that outside of Nigeria and this will be one of the first social businesses.
Capacity for your application
So far, the early stages have been done; we have a prototype, and then the next phase now is going to be a private bitter testing of this of this application. I and my team will be working on the bitter testing aspect of it. After that will be the full implementation; signing up the stores and creating our user base and then we scale up, and then do sales and marketing. Which of course means that we’ve created awareness for this product. Of course we’ve tested out with our partners and retail stalls. There’re a couple of medium range supermarkets in Abuja where I’m based who have indicated interest to this. Once we have that application up and running we’ll begin testing with them.
Subscription capacity
Like I said, we’ll start beta testing, so there’re no subscriptions yet. We would be implementing cloud based servers, most likely Amazon; to launch it in the cloud and then people can download it. We will put it up on the app store for people to download. But in terms of capacity, I’m a programmer and I also have another programmer and we’ll be adding one more programmer and a software engineer to the team; he will build this out.  In terms of capacity still, it’s really good because the resources we need basically is very cheap and doesn’t really take much to do this. It just requires the time, effort, hosting fees and some tools that we need and we’ll be able to roll out.

Will you sell out your application for huge offer?
If you look at the brochure where my profile is, I talked about our vision is to build a technology from Africa to the world. So I will not sell, why? because I believe it’s time for African firms to contribute to the wider innovation and technology circle around the world.
We should be able to walk on the streets of New York and see a high rise tower and be able to say that’s an African company. We should also be able to walk in Bangkok and say that’s a firm owned by an African. That can only happen if we Africans internalise. The way I’ve been able to even build this, previously, I tried to talk to a few people in government on some ideas that I have; the response that I get is rather negative.  In fact one professor said to me, ‘hey you want to get rich quick that’s why you’re doing this’. You Know that’s the mentality.
Support from the government
I don’t want to be critical about the government so far, but I believe they can do much more. I didn’t get any support thus far from the government, but hopefully they will. I’ve not met with the minister, I’ve never met her before. I submitted my work directly to the ITU; we had several judges from Red Cross, FOA, and Microsoft judging my specific application and prototype and everything I did. This was for about a month, back and forth with questions on how I was going to get things done and the building of this part of the implementation.  Out of 600 entries across the world from 88 countries mine was selected for that category.
We’re all products of Nigerian university, my partner studied computer science also from the University of Port Harcourt, I went to University of Calabar, the young lady who is in charge of sales and marketing studied Theatre Arts in University of Abuja.
Global competitiveness of Nigerian Universities in ICT training
From my background I’ll rather relate it to my experience in computer science at the University of Calabar. Most of what I know were self-thought skills, I wouldn’t say it’s competitive; it’s far from being competitive. The journey here and what I know; the University of Calabar I would say gave me the foundation; a building block to inspire me. But the core relevance in today’s industry I got it outside.
I got the inspiration while in school when I went for my IT after my second year. I went to a small digital photography firm. The owner of the place was a graduate student at Ife, so we told him we wanted to do IT and asked if we could help out with his photography business and be mentored by him. He was really excited and enthusiastic. He gave us e-books and this was far back in 2005. He set up a room for five people with computers, e-books and videos and we just learnt. He told us I can’t baby-sit you if you’re really motivated to do this, just learn. So we did that and on weekends we helped him snap, so this carried on from 2005-2007 and this was my starting point and after that, every other technology I learned I studied by myself.

Source: Nigeria Political Economist. 

Modenine & Canibus – Super Human (Prod. Teck-Zilla)

''UK-born Nigerian MC Modenine releases his newest track “Super Human” featuring Jamaican-born American lyrical heavyweight and Hip-Hop Legend Canibus. The track is off of Modenine‘s upcoming project Above Ground Level (AGL) and is produced by Canadian-based Nigerian DJ/Producer Teckzilla (Straight Butta).

Anyone who knows the history of Hip-Hop/Rap/Urban music in the United States knows the impact Canibus has made in the last 2 decades, particularly in the mid-90′s and early 2000′s. He’s seen in some quarters as one of the greatest MCs to ever bless the mic, and that’s no mean feat. With that in mind, it’s clear Modenine, a rap genius on this side of the globe, has scored one for the books. And boy, he sure held it down.

Listen to this rap cut and admire the greatness that is Modenine and Canibus.

Introducing Mark Deez.''

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Simi - Restless [EP]

  Simi, who is recognized as an incredible songwriter and singer, presents her EP, "RESTLESS".
With very admirable creativity, Simi transformed already amazing songs and gave them new, and possibly, more refreshing appeal. As always, she stuns with her voice and delivery.
The singer, who has been doing a lot of work on her project with her partners, OMP (Oscar Music Productions), decided to whet the appetites of her fans and friends with this compilation of "semi-covers". 
Regardless of the fact that all of the recording was done on her laptop, in one corner of her room, these songs are interesting and captivating in more ways than one. 
All the songs were written,  arranged and mixed by Simi, who is also a fast-budding producer.


1. 20nine (OneRepublic's Apologize) 
2. Range Rover (Rihanna's Man Down) 
3. Misbehaviour (Bruno Mars' Grenade) 
4. Why You Forget (Beyonce's Halo) - 
5. Not Okay (Adele's Set Fire To The Rain) 


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

P'Harmony - WAR Ft. Mirobed

''When you hear #Check! you should know who it is... P'Harmony @iamPHarmony “D HipHop Pastor” the newest rave in the Gospel Music Industry.
"War" is a reflection on the ups and downs a Gospel Artiste faces. The Criticism, Mockery, Finance and all. 
On the top of the list, the song is inspired from the Bible Passage that admonishes believers to "put on the full Armour of God" for "We wrestle not against Flesh and Blood". It's a reminder to the trials and tribulations a Christian Faces and the spiritual Battle that ensues. The Song is meant to encourage Believers and even un-believers alike and remind Them of the Victory we have in Christ Jesus.
He also had MirobedD on this Joint Produced by AudioFactoryNig.
Twitter: @iamPHarmony @MirobedD''


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Frank Edwards – BOSS

Rocktown Records’ artist Frank Edwards releases a new single titled “Boss”. Frank Edwards shows his versatility on this amazing new record with a blend of African fusion, a pop and r&b sound to finish it up. 
Check out ''BOSS' here and don't forget to leave  a comment.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

TY Bello - “Jesus Jesu”

The vocal prowess of TY Bello is simply unmatched. If you are still in doubt check out her latest ballad on ''Jesus Jesu'' as she sings lead on this track.
Check on it!


Lead Vocals: TY Bello
Choir: Glowreeyah Braimah, Sarah Chidebelu-Eze, Ochuko Sifo, Irene Onabajo, Funmi Oloyede, Sanmi Sobogun, Tunmise Oladapo- Kuku, Nwando Okeke & MOSA
Vocal Arrangements: TY Bello & MOSA
All Instrumentation: MOSA''

Boogey Ft. Simi - '1AM’

Hiphop World Award nominee at The Headies for ''Lyricist on the roll''  is back with an impressive new single and it features the delectable vocalist SIMI and this one is tiled '1AM’
Watch out for Boogey's ‘Something About David‘ project dropping in early 2014.
Check on it!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Cobhams Asuquo – Ordinary People

WOW! What a great way to start a new year, with good music from the multi- talented artiste Cobhams who has blessed us today with a track titled ''Ordinary People.'' Happy New Year folks!!!
Listen up and download!

''Cobhams Asuquo (real name Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo) is a Nigerian- born musician with an enviable track record in (music) production, writing, and singing. Previously signed to Sony/ATV UK publishing as a songwriter, Cobhams, is also the CEO of Cobhams Asuquo Music Production (CAMP); a music label and production company that serves as a home to Bez and Stan Iyke. He has also in his repetoire, extensive production work for numerous other notable Christian and secular artistes for the past 12 years.

Cobhams ventured out from the producers’ seat and into the vocal booth in 2011, to put some of his most loved songs into an inspiring, uplifting self-published contemporary Christian album. The first single of the album is called Ordinary People.

Ordinary People is a testament to the latent power in the common man. In this song, Cobhams Asuquo calls to everyone to give to the best of their ability in the daily journey of life.

This is a message delivered straight from the heart of one who knows; Cobhams was born blind and has achieved all he has by sheer determination, willpower and faith in God.

‘…We are all ordinary people with ordinary desires, demands, strengths and expectations: but we are all capable of doing extra-ordinary things…” Cobhams Asuquo


Blink - Anyhow ft. John Black & Tec

''Blink popularly known for his unique afro hip-hop artistry and his hit singles 'Of Life' featuring Lynxxx and 'Oya Twerk' keeps it stellar, simple and hip-hop on 'Anyhow'
The hot rap number features Show Dem Camp's Tec and producer/artiste John Black who responsible for the mid-temp instrumentation that provides the foundation for 'Anyhow'. The trio deliver big time with the inspirational message, fierce verses, edgy delivery, attitude that can be felt from speakers or earphones proving that hip-hop is still alive in 2014. Meanwhile 'Oya Twerk' keeps climbing up the charts and breaking new grounds for the Syndik8 Recordsact nonetheless download, listen, share and enjoy!''