Wednesday, 20 February 2013


"Recently premiered on Rhythm FM Abuja and, here is introducing exciting new Afrobeats/AfroPop artiste KIN - real name Kevwe Isaac Nikoro - with his stunning debut single titled “She’s Calling” for your listening pleasure. Starting off as a freestyle recording while in Lagos for Christmas last year, the song was further brought to life by the very prolific Warri-based producer Citizen, who has previously worked with the likes of Yung6ix and Meshack, to serve as KIN’s debut solo single…

Combining to create an enthralling and pulsating four minutes of stellar music, KIN - with his addictive flow and witty wordplay - and Citizen - with his superior use of lush and varied drum patterns fused in with bass-heavy synths - have not only put together one of the most captivating songs out now but also one of the best Pop records of the year!!!

Currently based in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and a former member of Hip-Hop/R&B trio A-Team who released two hit singles in 2012, KIN is finally ready for his close-up as a solo artist and is poised for massive notoriety in 2013 for his ability to churn out massive club bangers and radio hits - the first of which is “She’s Calling”…"


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Monday, 11 February 2013

The Shape of Love

Hello everyone,

What is your definition of love? well i am sure that's a question i would get loads of answers for if the opportunity is given, but this all depends on the perspective which could be Agape, Eros (passion), Storge (between kith and kin) and Phileo (warm affection) point of view. however, i would like us to look at the Agape perspective of love which i believe to be the purest of all forms of love.
This view of love is known to be God's love and in the book of 1Cor. 13 defines it as being; patient, kind, not boastful or proud, not rude, not self seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs, not evil but rejoices with the truth, a love that protects, trusts, always hopeful, perseveres and a love that never fails. hmm! quite an interesting and comprehensive definition i would say, but in this contemporary time its hard to say that all these elements of Agape love are realities in relationships today or could it be that we want different things from our relationships nowadays?
Well it is is a season of love at least that's what the world has made us to believe, but i personally don't believe love should be expressed seasonally but it should be part of our daily lives, because love is not an occasion or an event that should take place at a particular month or time of the year. the dilemma here now is that the month of February particularly the 14th is tagged st Valentines day. A day for the celebration of love, but this day has been so commercialized that the essence of the day has been lost and has become a dreadful day for some people, but exciting for others i presume. This is as a result of  resources spent to meet up the high expectation from a partner to show how "deep is the love".
Don't get me wrong as to giving gifts this period or any other occasion in a relationship, because one thing i know about love is that; love is caring and giving (you cannot love without giving). Therefore, the act of giving should be reciprocal in any relationship if it has to be measured in material size or substance. my point is men generally lament  about love and giving during this time of the year as most of them always feel cheated when it comes to gift sharing on this particular day of the month, because they feel they get less than what they deserve based on the effort and time they put in, in showing their woman how much they love and care for her.
This misconception of February 14th spurred my trip to town to check out stores for appropriate gifts available for both parties to buy for their loved ones in this "season of love". Maybe, the problem could be that women don't have any other options outside a "pack of boxers and singlet" and what ever my results are from this outing  i would suggest it to both partners to ensure we  have the time of their lives this season.
Happy Valentine's day y'all!!!           

Guys let me suggest the following items that caught my eye when i was in town that you could get your woman this Valentine season:

Lingerie- this could be a perfect start to a perfect finish guys *wink* spice it up a little bit this valentine. :D 

Makeup kit & Shower gel kit- i think this would make any woman's dream come through, as she would be looking good for the day and smelling good for the night. 

Teddy bear/chocolate, Card & Cake - i think this is a classic Valentine gift that would work anytime guys. 

Designer Shoe, Bag & Glasses- this combination would definitely work as you dey glam her up. lol

Wine, Chocolate & Flowers- this is a win - win situation. 

Designer shirt & Wrist Watch - give her a reason to think of you even when she's away working. 

A dress & Jewelry -I think every woman has a thing for a nice dress and jewelry expect if shes a "tom-boy." 

A wing, Scarf, Champagne & box of Chocolate - Okay! i have never tried this before, but i believe every girl need some wing in her life and a scarf to help her tie it up while you guys celebrate her new hair with the champagne. let me know how it goes if anyone tries this one. hahahaha

And its a wrap for the ladies. now its time for me to suggest to the women what they can get their man this Valentine season: 

Designer bag & Perfume - Okay ladies you can never go wrong in getting your man either of these accessories, and for the Hugo red........ladies be right and get your guy one in 2013. *wink*  

Designer Wrist Watch, Tie & cufflinks - these are another set of vital accessories for men, instead of the "boxers and singlets" you woman are accused of getting your man every other Valentine you can give him these accessories for a change. lol 

Designer Glasses & Head phones - if your man is a music lover and loves to chill, your can consider this as a perfect gift. 

A pair of Shoe &Wine / (vintage) - a shoe is the most important part of a man's wardrobe so please be kind to get him some and of course a man always love the wine, and you can win him over fully if it's vintage. :D

 A tailored suit - this would be a great gift to give your man this season trust me.

Designer shirt & a Pen - this kind of gift would show him how thoughtful and supportive you are of his career. (wall street things).

Toys & bigger Toys - the boys always love the toys, this would be a nice antique to have in the house and of course ladies you can be the bigger toy................get the outfit and get into character. *wink wink*. 

In order not to be bias in my selection i had a couple of items i termed as "neutral gifts" that can be gotten by either partners this season. check it out;

Blackberry Z10

 A Painting 
A Book 

A nice Dinner