Tuesday, 7 February 2012

four seasons

           Hello Everyone,
Often times when i hear of the term ''four seasons'' it takes me back to the time i was taught as a child about the weather cycle of the universe which comprises of; spring,summer,autumn, and winter,while in tropical regions like Africa you have the wet and dry recent times the term has turned out to be used for several purposes like; song titles/lines,five-star hotel names and a host of other things.but i grew up with the knowledge and experience of this great wonder of God's creation that there comes a time and season for everything,this obviously applies to everything we do and see from our outfits,the environment and holidays.
In recent times i have grown to appreciate the gift of these seasons because it comes with that experience that cannot be bought or compared with anything on earth,that is why i call the ''four seasons'' a gift.i can't imagine a world without summer holidays,rainy days to plant crops, spring of great vegetation,Christmas holidays,and the list is endless.........but what struck me the most about the 'four seasons'' is the people we get to spend/share it with like; family/relatives,friends,business partners/colleagues in the office or even strangers.but one thing is certain, we all get to spend it within the time of the four seasons.
Therefore,it's important we make the best of the seasons we got with the people around us because no season is ever alike and each one come with it's own experience and it's in our hands to make the time/season worth the while and if we do we could build great relationships and lasting memories that could someday become the saying goes; ''memories don't live like people do''


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