Monday, 10 June 2013


''HOT'' from VICTOR VELMO,  a name that is synonymous  to  residents of Abuja and gradually spreading to other parts  of the  country. The abia state born indigenous Urban hip hop/afro pop artist  and hip hop producer  as well   a member of the  trio Gransonz, has  successfully  released   ''ghost'' the 1st single off his mixtape, ''padded room II'' (the other side of sanity)  that got on top  blogs and currently getting  good airplay on radio stations in Abuja
Victor Velmo  drops ''#HOT'' the 2nd single off his mixtape describing how hot he is and unique in his own way, as he descends on  the beat like hanging text messages. Hot  promises to hold waters and  it is a sure  leverage for him  to drop his  forth coming mixtape  which is expected any time soon......''

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