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Mixtape Review: Suté – Jelí (Mixtape)

Most of us must have heard the rap act Msughter 'Suté' Iwar  from his impressive debut on the talented artiste Tay’s mixtape (Passport) and it’s was only a matter of time for him to put out his own body of work.  Suté  Iwar released his first embodiment of work titled Jeli on the (24/07/2014) and we shall be taking on a track to track review of this piece of work by Suté .

‘‘Let’s Start’’: This mixtape commences with an interesting title which has excerpts and samples’ from the late Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and it immediately catches your attention, as we can see Suté declare his supremacy as one of new school’s best rapper through a beautiful story of life experiences that comes with valuable lessons. ‘‘Let’s Start’’ is indeed a great way for Suté to stimulate his listeners to take this ride with him on Jeli.   

‘‘Jeli (Feat. Mr Nelson)’’: Suté  decides to name this number ‘‘Jeli’’ which happens to be the title of this project and he features the talented young upcoming rapper Mr Nelson. ‘‘Jeli’’ is a track we can all relate with as we Suté  narrate his experiences and I guess for most of us growing up as we lie to impress our peers to enable us get into the cool clique and the classic of them all is when you find parents trying to motivate kids with the perfect line; that they were always tops in class, so have to go out there to achieve. And with the artist Mr Nelson who added class to this track with his distinct bass and ethnic vocals, ‘‘Jeli’’ certainly deserves to be given the crown as the theme of this project.    

‘‘Badagry’’: Is the leading single off the mixtape ‘‘Jeli’’ and we see the highly talented producer/artist Tay lay on us his signature production baseline backed by angelic soulful vocals, Suté  glides on this infectious beat with metaphoric and creative wordplay from his reality as he took a trip down to ‘‘Badagry.’’ By the way for those who don’t know Badagry is a part in Lagos City, Nigeria with a rich history of the slave trade in West Africa. ‘‘Badagry’’ is certainly a great way to see Suté  introduce us to this project.

‘‘Neo Africa’’: Tay shows off his production creativity on ‘‘Neo Africa’’ as we see Suté  express his passion and dilemma for a love interest which tells a perfect story of a flip side of a coin or a thin line between love and hate. This is one solid track off the mixtape and most appropriate to have made the tracklist.  

‘‘Nocturne I’’: Suté  took us back to the 80’s with that classic laidback Hip Hop infested beat, which ended up on a high note with the subtle presence of the electric guitar giving ‘‘Nocturne1’’ that rock texture to this 1:50 minute track and it leaves listeners begging for more from this one. Ladies….. Suté  is here for y’all go get a piece. lol

‘‘Tsav’’: I am not sure what ‘‘Tsav’’ stands for or mean but this is by far one of my favourite tracks off ‘‘Jeli’’ based on the following reasons: the production level was highly creative and top notch as we see Tay come out of his production comfort zone to give us a beat even Jay-z will be proud to jump on and then Suté  on the other hand, flaunts his affirmative vocals with the wordplay that can last a life time with lines like; ‘‘still living with no light/ have a country with no life/ trying to give my all/ for all that’s right/ but every night i get reminded/ we don’t care by our lives/ I look into a leaders eyes/ and realise the road we better lies/ is the boat will capsize/ preach to me/ maybe peace could be/ history is only meant for victory….’’

‘‘Enwonwu (Feat. Tay)’’: This is yet another leading single off the mixtape ‘‘Jeli’’ and it features Tay who lays an amazing hook on this single, making ‘‘Enwonwu’’ an amazing love song and a possible cross over radio hit if well promoted.  

‘‘Boer’’: A deviation from the norm, Suté  puts out an amazing Afrocentric instrumental adding class and creativity to the project ‘‘Jeli.’’ Also, we get to enjoy an uninterrupted production by Tay as he brings this concept to life with his signature kicks and baseline on ‘‘Boer.’’    

‘Akassa’’: With a catchy hook Suté  declares his love and loyalty for the game and home to his musical career (Bantu Collective). This young and talented lad certainly has a lot on his plate and we are eagerly waiting to get served a three course meal.

 ‘‘Nocturne II’’: Oh! I can see Suté  knew his listeners are going to crave for more as he brought to us ‘‘Nocturne1’’on track 5 off the mixtape ‘‘Jeli.’’ Now we get to experience the other 1:51 minutes in ‘‘Nocturne II’’ were he expresses his feelings about material girls who aren’t loyal in relationships.

‘‘Fela’’: A documentary excerpt from the late Afrobeat legends’ Fela as he speaks about the ‘‘state of the nation’’ which is generally prevalent in the present day African society. These word of truth brings us to the reality that; it is only when African leaders and the society as a whole have a reorientation about responsibility and accountability there shall be no significant growth or development on the continent.  ‘‘Fela’’ indeed adds great quality to this project as Suté  attempts to give ‘‘Jeli’’ some level of character that carries a momentous message.

‘‘Walls of Benin’’:  A track of prayer to the maker who makes all things possible, Suté  puts it down on ‘‘Walls of Benin’’ about the reality of the industry calling out music heavy weights (Mode 9, MI) who have made the Nigerian Hip Hop scene what it is today and hopefully with the ambition to be great he prays to leave a mark as the future of rap culture. Not forgetting another excerpts from the legend Fela Kuti talking about the seriousness that accompanies the gift and responsibility that comes with music to wrap up the track.

‘‘Shakespeare in the Bush’’:  yet another interesting song title from Suté  as we see him talk about the reality of things he probably has gone through, on a very alluring and laidback beat produced by Tay. This is a good way to end this mixtape inasmuch as this is not the greatest track off the project but it suits the purpose perfectly. 

Finally, the 13 track mixtape ‘‘Jeli’’ is one Hip Hop project that made my 2014 based on the fact that; Suté  had a well thought out tracklist that gave ‘‘Jeli’’ some sort of concept and it indeed kept the listeners alive all through the listening period.
The production level of ‘‘Jeli’’ was superb as we see Tay show his experimental side on this project and at the same time it exposed the genius side of Suté. This is one act the industry should watch out for, as he is indeed the future of Hip Hop. Surprisingly, all through my review of ‘‘Jeli’’ I can’t remember any misplaced idea, track, or production. Therefore, based on these reasons I would like to give the ‘‘Jeli’’ mixtape 8/10 which is worthy of any music library.  The mixtape was co- produced by Tay and
Suté Iwar.
In case you haven't listened or downloaded Suté – Jelí (Mixtape) please download it for free here: DOWNLOAD HERE

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