Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I got paid in £ (after I failed) By Ibukun Onitiju

''There are some things you just won't understand in your life, accept it.
If you try to understand (and bring logic) to everything, you would have effectively changed your name to 'doubting Thomas'. #notgood
For a long time I took pride in my analytical and quantitative skills.
I even felt good the day I was to write the test that will decide whether or not I get on to qualify for the Graduate Teacher Program to teach Maths in the UK.
About 10 minutes into the test, I sensed I was going to fail it.
About 30 minutes into the test, I knew I was going to fail it.
About 45 minutes into the test, I prayed for a miracle not to fail the test.
Not too long after that, it was confirmed that I didn't get the miracle I prayed for.
I failed the test.
But that wasn't the end of the story.
There was something I needed more than passing the test.
I needed money.
Money was one of the main reasons for attempting the GTP in the first place. If I got in, I will get paid during the training and also position myself for a full time job.
And now that I failed the test, my chances were slim.
Slim chances are enough for God to work with and I eventually go unto the program, but with a condition.
The condition was for me to attend a pre-enrolment class for 2 weeks to brush up on my Maths before the training will start.
Fast forward 4 months and 3 days. I was seated in the pre-enrolment class like someone who truly needed to brush up on Maths skills when the game God played with me became clear.
Everyone that failed the test 4 months earlier and was eventually considered for enrolment was also entitled to £1000 (£500 for each week) of the make-up class. (if I can remember clearly)
Everyone who passed was not entitled to this additional money.
Now it made a lot of sense to me.
I absolutely had to fail that test.
I was grateful I failed that test.
I still am!

- Ibukun

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