Thursday, 20 July 2017

EP Review: Show Dem Camp (SDC) - Palm Wine Music EP (VOL. 1)

''Show Dem Camp (SDC)'' Releases a brand new project in less than a year after the release of their Mixtape - ''Clone Wars 3: The Recession'' and this extended play is titled ''Palm Wine Music EP (Vol 1)'' which consist of seven (7) tracks and was released on the 19th June, 2017. Follow me as we take a trip inside the mind of ''Palm Wine Music'' and see what ''SDC'' have got for us on this EP.

Up 2 you Feat. Funbi (Ikon Mix): The producer ''Spax'' kicks off the EP with an amazing number with the alluring vibe of the strings on the guitar, accompanied by the soothing vocals of ''Funbi'' which captures the essence of this ''Palm Wine Music'' concept SDC has got to share with the world.... a laid back/feel good track filled with soul as well as the core of rap. ''Up 2 You'' is the lead single of this extended play which has an amazing retro type of visual to it and it can easily become one of your favourites off the EP.

Compose Feat. Boj: ''Compose'' takes us deeper into the life blood of ''Palm Wine Music (Vol.1)'' as ''Boj'' holds sway on the hook with his edgy alternative sound and ''SDC'' rap verses adding weight to the record. What captures you on this track is the influence of highlife and jazz laced with the ''SDC'' lyrical prowess.  

Wahala Skit: This is a very relatable topic and more like; battle of the sexes as both opinion can be said to be valid on the skit. However, its important for everyone to know who you are dealing with in a relationship. The concept of this skit is so creative as the message hits the hail on the head with a very simple and precise delivery that has a call in radio type of concept to it.  

Independent Ladies Feat. Ajebutter22: As the name implies ''Independent Ladies'' is a song about women who work hard to get it on their own and do not have to depend on a man to survive. This is a solid track off this EP with heavy Highlife/Afrobeat influences as we see ''Spax'' production skills comes into full effect and an appropriate ''Ajebutter22'' feature. The brilliance of ''Tec'' and ''Ghost SDC'' verses expresses the reality of being an independent lady which can have a flipside but its all a choice and the wisdom of keeping a balance in knowing her place in the relationship makes her a winner/keeper.

She Wants More Feat. LadiPoe: ''SDC'' recruits ''Mavin Records'' rapper ''LadiPoe'' who kicks off this record with brilliant wordplay as ''SDC'' completes this beautiful soulful track with verses of attraction towards the opposite sex. This is definitely one of the best records off this EP that adds value to the ''Palm Wine Music'' vibe/concept.

What You Want Feat. Tomi Thomas: This is by far the best track off the ''Palm Wine Music EP (Vol.1)'' ''Spax'' who has been amazing throughout the production of this body of work, takes it a notch higher with this upbeat number ''What You Want'' and it features ''Tomi Thomas'' of LOS who is spot on with his vocals on the chorus giving it that Jon B like 90s vibe. SDC certainly knows how to keep listeners spellbound with their content which includes; lyrics, features, and production. Nigerian hip hop music is certainly in good hands with the quality of work that the likes of SDC keep putting out. 

Popping Feat. Boj & Odunsi The Engine: This laidback record has ''Boj'' featured for the second time on this EP and it has ''Odunsi The Engine'' as well, who puts a bit of the modern trap vibe to it as SDC spit on a retrospective level bringing the ''Palm Wine Music EP (Vol.1)'' to a closure. But with great expectation for a volume 2 because it seems the journey just began with SDC.

Here are my final thoughts on this extended play ''Palm Wine Music EP (Vol.1)'' it is a chilled out EP, the kind that you listen to at a lounge or when you are chilled with good company and I am sure that was the aim of this project. ''SDC'' pulled off what can be considered as a concept project and the idea had all the right elements and with features from ''Boj'' ''Ajebutter22'' ''LadiPoe'' ''Funbi'' ''Tomi Thomas'' and Odunsi The Engine who all added an amazing quality to the project giving it that all round kick. Therefore I would like to rate ''Palm Wine Music EP (Vol.1)'' a 8/10. However, I have my reservations about the work arrangement as I would have expected that this EP should have been a little bit longer at least two additional content like an additional skit and maybe an outro or intro but great job in total.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Show Dem Camp (SDC) - Palm Wine Music EP (VOL. 1)  please download it here:

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