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Album Review: M.O.P (Shadybizniz /Jumar/Hench/Dugod) - M.O.P Africa Album


Nigerian's Hip Hop/Rap,R&B &Producer Shadybizniz /Jumar/Hench/Dugod  Popularly known as ''Movement of the People (M.O.P)'' have released a joint album titled ''M.O.P Album'' and it consist of seven (7) tracks and was released in 2017. This project is certainly a welcome development for the Nigerian music scene because we often don't see successful joint albums or even any at all executed in Nigeria. Therefore, making the ''M.O.P'' album a unique one for the industry.  

Low Life: Kicks off the album with this number titled ''Low Life'' and it has this modern day trap mixed with some soul on the chorus as ''Jumar'' brings the hook to life with ''Dugod''  and ''Hench'' kicking in with amazing bars about real women who keep it real regardless of the status of the ''Low Life'' hommie they are with. ''Shady Bizniz'' came correct on this record with his production skills as he gives the record a mix of the hip hop and R&B vibe that gets listeners ready for a good listen.

Tell A Friend: Now ''Shady Bizniz'' comes hard in a subtle way on this beat as both ''Dugod'' and ''Hench'' layout amazing lyrical wordplay on ''Tell A Friend.'' On the other hand ''Jumar'' brought that modern touch on the track with his vocal texture and delivery, giving the track that overall balance for it to have made this project.   

Lokaci (Time): This is by far the most interesting track of this album and most likely my favourite. ''Lokaci'' which means ''Time'' in Hausa language encompasses that overall hard-core hip hop/crunk vibe and we see ''Hench'' and ''Dugod'' go hard on their verses. This is an easy favourite number for hustlers as the record talks about time being money and doing the needful to achieve that and in the case of ''M.O.P'' the creative art is that means so don't waste their time. Lol. The production skills by ''Shady Bizniz''  was incredible and ''Jumar'' chorus adds extra value that the song deserves.

Love Over Hate Feat. Maka: ''M.O.P'' recruits ''Maka'' on this track titled ''Love Over Hate'' giving the record that alternative sound as she delivers that funky vibe on the chorus with the hook holding sway for listeners attention. This is a true hip hop record as ''Dugod'' and ''Hench'' are painting a perfect picture of staying positive in a world full of hate. This is one of my favourite records of the ''M.O.P Album'' as the artists convey a positive message in a  hip hop world full of booty and twerking.

Night Train (Ride In): ''Jumar'' brings on his 'A' game on ''Night Train'' was we see him display is vocal prowess on a ''Shady Bizniz'' laidback beat laced with heavy strings of the bass guitar which gives the record a solid baseline that draws you in easily with the soothing vocals of spoken word which added great dynamics to this love record. This is by far the best record off the ''M.O.P Album'' and it sure deserves a visual to unveil the creativity of this track.

Never Give Up: This is yet another uplifting record off this project as we see ''Hench'' and ''Dugod'' tells a story to everyone with a dream to ''Never Give Up'' as there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and the track reminds you never to forget where you coming from. This is an instant classic of this project as great attention was paid to details on the production, the content of the verses, down to the adlibs on the chorus and verses. The record certainly deserves a well thought out video to interpret this great hip hop jam.  

Give Thanks: ''Jumar'' kicks off this record with his verse and afterwards he goes straight into this very catchy chorus and then he holds sway on the second verse before ''Dugod'' drops his verse at the end of the track which was accompanied by the alluring strings of the bass guitar. This was a well thought out song because I like the arrangement and the content of the record and what a way to end this project.

Here are my final thoughts on the album review for  ''M.O.P Album'' I enjoyed listening to the project and its certainly a great first effort from this young MCs and producer, however, this project grew on me over time because it wasn't such an exciting first listen. M.O.P album is an above average project considering the quality of work put into the project and how they showed versatility in the concept of a joint project to deliver this embodiment of work. The production effort by ''Shady Bizniz''  was brilliant but for the sound engineering skills I would say not top-notch and it could have been better maybe the reason my first listen wasn't so exciting and easy to listen. The ''M.O.P Album'' had only one (1) feature by ''Maka'' which was valuable to the project and not misplaced and reasons in my conclusion I would rate ''M.O.P Album'' a 6.5/10 because of a few hit and misses and based on the fact that this project should have been tagged as an extended play (EP) and not an album based on the length of the body of work. ''M.O.P'' are some artistes to watch out for, both as an entity and as individual artist in the Nigerian music scene and beyond.
I look forward to more material from M.O.P in 2017 and beyond.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded M.O.P Africa Album by Shadybizniz x Jumar x Hench x Dugod  Please download it for free here: 

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