Tuesday, 3 January 2012

National Treasure.

Hello Everyone,
I  hope you all enjoyed your holidays? like i did......oh well  i got to travel to visit friends as well as do some sight seeing and while i was on that i got to visit Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom home to the Enigma machine of the second world war(WW2)history has it that the German enigma code was cracked in this Bletchley Park which shorted the war by two(2) years and gave the British victory what was most interesting to me about my visits here was;the way the history and pride of the country was preserved,maintenance of  the items on display and the environment,and the huge resources made from tourist fee,rental of the halls,souvenirs, and a host of other things.

This got me and a friend thinking what ever happened to the tourist attractions we enjoyed while growing up in Jos? like the Zoo Park,Wildlife Park and the Museum?gone are those day we enjoyed our holidays visiting those sites having fun and most importantly learning about our culture and history but due to lack of maintenance and security unrest in the past few years things have taken a turn for the worst but looking at a broader picture of tourism in Nigeria like the picture of the edifice we have above;the National Art Theatre was/is meant to be magnificent edifice that can be a source of revenue for the government if properly managed but this National Monument has turned out to be a shadow of its past,but what baffles me is the fact that we do not learn from our mistake but rather move on to establish emerging tourist areas like the; Obudu Cattle Ranch,Tinapa,Yankari Game Reserves just to mention a few,not that this should/is not to be a welcome development but we as a nation need to look in retrospect and ask our selves what history we have preserved for the next generation,what we would have left for tourist to come and behold,and the huge resources lost annually.
I understand for a country to thrive in tourism in the first place,peace and stability is paramount which is largely lacking today and for that to be achieved the government need to look critically into the tourism sector and to be honest about the fact that; if all these great National Monuments and recreation spots cannot be maintained by the government then they should be privatized to competent investors who can revamp this industry,provide jobs and voluntary work for the youths,preserve our history,provide revenue for the government through taxes,provide recreation and a host of other benefits to the country and beyond.
This kind of steps to a large extent can get jobless youths engaged in some form of employment either directly or as volunteers in this sector there by reducing the amount of youths on the streets that are likely to embrace violence and with the support of other stable sectors of the economy hopefully can evolve the brand ''Naija'' into a tourist destination.


  1. I visited Nok (near Kwoi) a couple of years ago: our guide Fatima was brilliant and excellently conveyed cave-living society as she took us on a tour of the extensive former community. A very fancy visitor centre had just been completed (as yet unused) but I can't find any reference to it online... I wonder what happened? However it was good to know that she - and hopefully others - were at least in some way preserving history...

  2. yes the Nok festival and culture is one of the few conscious effort of individuals to keep such history relevant which is really encouraging,but am also looking forward to when there is a holistic reorientation of concerned authorities in the importance of preservation of history so that at least our children can enjoy what we did while growing up.