Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Pathway

                                                                            Hello Everyone,

Life as we all know is bound to some certain rules like; ''what goes up must come down'' ''every beginning has an end'' ''you reap what you sow'' most times these terms are used as word's of caution or guidance in different life circumstances,but today i would like us to look at the pathway as one of those rules of nature.i believe every path taken has it's proposed destination.Example: the good book defines two pathways for life; the wide and the narrow way with both of them having a definite destination,of which if i am to deduce- we all have the freedom to freewill but live with the consequence of our choices weather the turnout good or bad.

With the wake of new developments in recent times that has caused the government and the governed in Nigeria to act the way they did was unprecedented and these actions made me follow every step of the reactions and i would like to say i was excited looking at things unfold from a governed perspective,reasons being that; this is the first time at least in my lifetime that i have seen Nigerian's come out to speak-out against  a government policy that they were not happy with and were ready to take it all the way to the streets.oh well! some people might have a different opinion about my stands but i was looking at a bigger picture where in a civilized society, citizen and tax payers can ask her government reasons for certain decision/policy and how their resources is spent or managed? which gives room for dialogue and feedback to help both the government and governed come up with amicable solutions.yes i know some people would also say/think differently like such move is meant to be done in a conducive and peaceful environment,but in a case where such environment is not provided or allowed for a considerable period of time as a dialogue or consultation requires then the path of street protest for me is justified and i can categorically state that was the case of my dear country Nigeria.

Anyway,my hope and excitement did not last too long because i thought for the very first time the government would get to listen to the governed and come to terms with the fact that the protest was beyond the new policy that was unilaterally imposed on the governed but that it was the total package or reason for our co-existence like; good governance,accountability,leadership by example,fighting of corruption and a reorientation of every citizen,etc.but above all the internal reflection of our core values as a nation and seeking for a redress if we have lost our direction because the truth is;weather we protested as a country,as a cooperate body,groups or civil societies,spiritual leaders,rich or poor,politician or individuals for either the right or wrong motives one thing is sure that whatever choices we made to protest or not to protest as individuals or as an entity,that there is a destination on the path we choose to take yesterday,today,and tomorrow .


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