Friday, 9 August 2013

The dismissal of - Sargent Christopher Omoleze By The Nigerian Police Force . Where do we go from here?

A few days ago a video surfaced and went viral online about a Nigerian Police in the Lagos state command demanding bribe from a fellow citizen. Then Just yesterday the Nigerian Police Force identified this officer and the Sargent was tried within the ambit of the law and is reported to have been dismissed from the force after 21 years of service, well this may seem like the best and logical approach by the Nigerian Government/NPF to do and of course receive a pat on the back for a job Weldon. But the big question is where do we go from here as a nation? Okay thanks to social media a lot of the brouhaha that has been in existence within the Nigeria society has been brought to the light by this great medium and i am one Nigerian that is thankful for that.
However, with the dawn of this new era, little or nothing has changed regardless of social ranting  and media trends that may be generated from a social issue exposed by either a picture, a document, phone recorded video,  a live interview, or even a government decision as the case may be. Not that the Nigerian Police force shouldn't be applauded for this drastic action (at least that would send strong signals out there to other corrupt officers trying to extort citizen or take bribe, knowing fully well now that Nigerian people have the social media as their watchdog and if caught on camera, the same would be their fate like Sargent Christopher) but we need to look inward as a nation and deal with these issues from the root because our institution are in a total disarray and decay, and what we see today is just a tip of the iceberg the hopefully would not result to a Titanic situation. because it is not enough to deal with a problem by merely cutting of the branches, while the the stomp/root is the main problem. Therefore, it is paramount for the leadership of the nation i am not just talking about political leaders alone but leaders in every sphere of our lives (political,spiritual, social, business, the list is endless) you (citizen) and i not being left out, as long as you have been entrusted to do one thing or the other we are equally leaders. do we turn a blind eye when we discover corruption in an environment we find ourselves or do we turn a blind eye? well i may decide to turn a blind eye after all i am not the one perpetuating the crime, but remember it all boils down to ''cause and effect'' syndrome and will only come back and hit me/you like a boomerang.
Remember our destiny is in our hands. Let's act right!!!    

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