Friday, 26 July 2013

DIREC-TOH- A Nollywood Satire [Teaser]

''Winner for the best actor prize at the 2011 In-short Film Festival "DIREC-TOH" produced by Osiris FILM & Entertainment., will finally be released online mid August. ''

''A Nigerian Film maker sets out to make a record as the fastest filmmaker on the Planet. Big Ben a.k.a the light speed champion tries shooting a feature film in one day and all hell breaks loose..
Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by Abba Makama.
Co Writer-Gabriel Ofor Okafor
Producers-Lani Makama, Benedict Aromeh, Abba Makama
Starring Benedict Aromeh, Dabis Christopher
Genre- Nolly Woody Allen, Comedy Satire, Afro Psycho Pseudo Hipster babble, Mockumentary
Format- HDV
Budget-All in the magic baby..
Release date. mid 2010''

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