Monday, 29 July 2013

ILL Will - Alphabetical Slaughter

''ILLWILL (The Academic EmCee) is back in the zone... The creative genius in the making is ready to show the world what he’s about by giving us a sneak preview of his ingenuity. Today is his birthday and so he thought it well to share this wonderful masterpiece with his fans.. The song is titled Alphabetical Slaughter - A journey aroung the world with the alphabets. He intelligently tells a beautiful story with the words of the alphabets skillfully glazing through the problems, pains and joy of a typical Nigerian in an intellectual yet relaxing mood... Listen and Understand!''


( A ) Abinitio, abinibi acted ability alacrity affinity agility, alphabeta, alphabetical annihilation, alphabetical analysis,

alphabetical affirmation. Articulate anthology, acumen aptitude, agberos and an ajegunle attitude, Anambra artiste, African activist abrogating abortion,
attacking atheists. ( B ) Boycott biaffra, bamboozle bankers, broke business men bringing baseless banter. been bashed, been beaten, been broke,
been battered, been bruised, been bemused. ( C ) Constitutional conference, corrupting conscience, commissioners cannot claim competence,
common criminals, conniving colluding consuming costuming causing confusion. ( D ) Democrats decisive deliberations dicey, dictators deploying
destructive devices. Doing deals, decimating deregulating delegating, democracy degenerating.
( E ) Educational erosion, expecting encomium,
evil entourage, encouraging espionage. Eradicating enemies, emitting energy, epileptic electricity, embrace EFCC. ( F ) Factions fighting factions
for federal fractions, forgetting friendships facing fear factors. Failed forefathers feeling fine, fraudsters, fakes, failures, four-one-nine. Finding finances,
funding foundations, formidable force, forever floss, fastidious. Front-liner, first-timer, fore-runner, foreigner, fore-finger, four figures, four fingers. ( G )
Go-getter, globe-trotter, gold-digger, gun-slinger, goal-keeper, Go gunners (Arsenal). ( H ) Hiphop heritage, hiphop heavy-weight, hiphop Hercules,
haters having heart-disease. ( I ) illiwill inculcating, illwill illuminating, illwill incubating, illwill instigating. Imitate industrious importers, ibo boys importing
items into idumota. ( J ) Just judges, jungle justice, jeje jambites jacking, jaded jambites jiving, jamboree, jemain-dupri, Jam master J, JAJ, Jay-Z.
( K ) Kwashiokor killing kids, kidnappers keeping kings, kindness, keenness, knowledge, Karma. King Kuti, kingdom kalacuta, kolo-mental, keke-marua,

koko-master. ( L ) Live long, live lavish, leave lasting legaceys, losers languish,. Learned lawyers, legal liars, legislators lampooning lawless leaders.
( M ) Master mind, minding mine, my music makes my money multiply. ( N ) Nowadays, no nationalism, Nigerians need nobility not nepotism. ( O )
Oga olopa obeying orders, oppressing others, obliging offers. ( P ) Peak performer plus practitioner, peaceful persona, please pay pensioners. Prepare
policies prevent piracy. Politicians painting pictures, proprietors paying peanuts. Parishioners praying, pastors proclaim, preachers possessing private
planes. ( Q ) Quacks quirks ques questions, quests quotes quizzes quotations ( R ) Rap revolution, reaching resolutions, rally round, regarding rare
reformation. Rastas rolling rizlla, rappers remain richer; representing respectable rhyme re-leasers. ( S ) seldomly sober, sip squady, sip sepe, sip small
stout, shows still sold-out. ( T ) Tyrants targeting third term, tell them to tackle terrorism, tribalism, techno-crime. This time, travel to tinapa, trade,
transportation, tourism, telecommunication. ( U ) Uncle Umaru (Yar'Adua), uniting us, ( V ) valuable visionary, very victorious. ( W ) We were wondering
what women want: weight-loss, white-gold, wedding-rings, wardrobes, Windows ( X ) XP, xxx, X-box, X and O, xylophone, X-ray ( Y ) youths yielding
yahoo yahoo. ( Z ) Zeal, Zaki Zebudaya Zule Zoo.

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