Monday, 25 November 2013

Finding Aysia by Ayisa

''Aysia is a singer and song writer from the city of Jos. She comes from a large loving character-driven family and that has a lot to do with how she has turned out...or so she says.
She writes all her songs and has co-produced most of them. "Two heads are normally better than one," another thing she likes to say. She believes music is a personal expression which reflects intimately the essence of an artist. It is encompassing.
Aysia's professional career in music started when she traveled in 2004 with a couple of friends to lunch the start of the Impact Record Label in Abuja. Since then she has worked with amazing producers such as Jeremiah Gyang, Hendrix, Cohbams and Gold-Lynx.
The 29 year old singer is a food lover who loves to cook and sample unfamiliar food. She particularly cannot resist anything made with palm oil. One of her other passions is the need to create dresses. She believes it's one of her many tools to success.''
When asked about her music, this is what she had to say.
Aysia: ''My talent is a gift, i did not earn it and it will be a privilege to share it with the people i love and the world. It is truly an honor to express my stories through song and for YOU to take the time to listen, all i can say is Mucho Lovo...''

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