Saturday, 23 November 2013


After a year since the release of her hit single “One Day,” which 
featured on most if not all the top Nigerian websites/blogs, CY Dieyi 
launches a second song that definitely shoots up to similar and possibly 
even higher heights than the first. Her sophomore single titled “Puzzle 
Pieces” incorporates a combination of influences in what can now be 
identified as a classic CY Dieyi attribute: fusing genres.

The upbeat R&B/Soul/Pop number itself is about exploration, but CY has 
left it open to interpretation; it could range from the search for a 
loved one to the search for oneself to an examination of one’s faith; 
you decide.

Asked what she has been doing over the past year, CY said she’s been 
improving on her vocals and trying to find her sound. She also assures 
us that what she has been building will ensure that she doesn’t keep 
away from us for that long again. “I will be bringing a lot your way. 
Been quiet for too long and its time to roar so stay with me.” We will 
definitely keep our eyes on this one.

The Delta state native currently resides in Los Angeles, where she is 
pursuing a Masters’ degree at the prestigious University of Southern 
California. Asides from being a confirmed awe-inspiring singer, CY is 
generally an obvious go-getter.

This young lady is fast establishing herself as a missing puzzle piece 
in today’s music. With yet another masterpiece, she plants her feet 
firmly on the entertainment scene and declares that she is here to stay. 
Fluid vocals, dreamy lyrics, catchy beat. Thank me later.

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