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E.P. Review: Kamar - The Audition E.P

Kamar Tachio from Kaduna State, Nigeria is a young talented R&B/Pop singer/Instrumentalist with a style that is a blend of Hausa and English which, when I fist heard I leaped in excitement because I thought finally;  a breath of fresh air. Kamar and his unique style of singing reminds me of music legend Adu Deme who has that soothing vocals with the Hausa thing going, but today its all about this young man who is signed to Aristokrat Records /960 Music and based in Lagos and MTN Project fame Alumni . The Audition E.P is Kamar's first official embodiment of work released on the (4/06/2014)  and here is our track-by-track take on this E.P.

Angel Maria: The opening of this E.P sees Kamar introduces use to himself/crew and with his counter tenor voice, he speaks of the mystery girl who does things to his thoughts and imagination that can make him let down his guard. This is a great way for Kamar to open up his listeners as to what expect from him in this E.P

The Fix (Caught Up):  Kamar takes us back on that 90s R&B vibe as he displays his writing skills talking about a classic situation most guys go through being ''Caught up'' between the girlfriend and side chick. We all know how such dilemma ends......  which was Kamar's fear and probably the reality eventually. This record was decent and shows that Kamar has some good depth and prospect. 

Asirin: Opening up with the strings from the guitar ''Asirin'' which means ''Shame'' or ''Lies'' (relative) in Hausa talks about a phony girlfriend who lies and cheats on her man. Despite the fact his friends have warned him about her cheating ways and he refuses to aspect that fact, as he even refuses advances from other ladies, until her cheating ways is finally exposed. This track definitely shows Kamar's good song writing skills and this is indeed a solid track off the E.P. 

Salo: Kamar goes naughty on ''Salo'' which is the fourth single from ''The Audition.'' He keeps it pop on this LeriQ produced track which can easily become a club favourite as LeriQ sure did justice to the beat. However, I felt half way into the track it became too generic and it lost me despite all the modern effects and production quality. But overall ''Salo'' is an average track off this E.P and serves its purpose for the clubs.  

I Like It (Feat. Ice Prince): Kamar recruits Hip Hip/Afrobeat heavyweight Ice Prince on this nice track talking about a Naughty girl who is into a man who is already taken but does things to him sexually that makes him keep coming back for more. Ice Prince lends decent bars with his vocals on the track to make extra exciting and 'I Like It'' is Kamar's third single off his E.P ''The Audition.''

Its Friday: This is Kamar's debut offering as he lays his soothing vocals on this pop infested beat, talking about a very beautiful girl that ''even a blind man can tell'' she's fine (hilarious).  And as a bad sharp guy he is willing to spoil her as Friday the weekend here and of course the rest would be history ;-) ''Its Friday'' is a great way to start off his career as the lyrics/storyline is engaging, with the hook and chorus having that ''feel good'' groove that you can dance to. This is one of my favourite track off the project.

Cash N Carry: This is another favourite off the ''The Audition'' as Kamar catches on with the hook in this pop oriented track talking about ''cutting your coat according to your size'' to all the materialistic ladies out. Kamar made ''Cash N Carry more interesting with his Hausa intonation as he echoes '' Tor I do my style, kei ma do your style pa.'' Contentment comes with great gain guys ;-)

Wish For (Feat. Ozone): Opening up ''Wish For'' with the strings of the guitar and  heavy but laid back bars from his label mate Ozone, Kamar slows it down on this acoustic number as he tells the girl he's trying to win over of the assurance he will never let her go if she makes him her man. ''Wish For'' is by far my favourite track off his project, based on the fact I felt his vocals was at its purest form and the feature was appropriate. This is certainly a classic off the ''The Audition.''

Darling Darling (Short Version): The hit single and second offering from Kamar was a great campaign on the journey to the release of  ''The Audition.'' As ''Darling Darling'' had a good hook, great melody, and a hilarious storyline of him chasing after another man's lady. However, I felt the hook on the track became unnecessarily repetitive and it eventually lost me. But it was a smart move he pulled off especially when listeners are waiting on the next single after the release of ''Its Friday,'' ''Darling Darling'' satisfies that curiosity but nothing more...  

Party Life: Kamar slows it down on ''Party Life'' bringing back that 90s R&B/ Hip hop vibe. This a love song celebrating the good life that exist between two lovers, as he declares his love and heart is exclusively hers alone. However, I feel ''Party Life'' should have come as an outro instead of a full track but still a decent effort regardless.

The ten (10) track-list E.P is a GOOD work from Kamar based on the fact he didn't get caught up in that web of trying to have several big features on the E.P, as it is the case with many Nigeria artiste when they get  to release an E.P or LP. The two features he had on ''The Audition'' where strategic and appropriate adding quality to the project and giving listeners an opportunity to hear the Kamar as an artiste. Furthermore, the production level  of ''The Audition'' is top notch as ace and label in house producer LeriQ handled the entire production. 
However, I was let down a bit with the lack of versatility of content as most tracks had the same direction. I would have loved to see a mix of content to keep a balance of listeners which would have made the listening less generic and more interesting. But overall  it wasn't a bad effort and based on my above conclusion I will rate ''The Audition'' a weak 7/10. 

In case you haven't listened to Kamar - The Audition E.P please check on it here: The Audition E.P

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