Saturday, 1 October 2016

Nigerians verses the change mantra

This great country called Nigeria made history in 2015 as she elected a new government outside the incumbent and the hopes of the people were high but one year down the line the hope of most Nigerians seems to be bleak and what could be the reason? Well for obvious reasons Nigeria is going through a rough patch as a result of the recession and Nigerians are not having it. In fact different quarters of the country have either called for the sack of the President’s economic team or the reversal of the TSA (Treasury Single Account) and a bunch of other government policies. Hmm! I wonder if this can be a solution to the reality on ground or this it just a quest for selfish gain by some group of individuals. Well history will hold this government as well as the ones before it responsible for her future and I am sure the APC lead government knows that. A lot has been said about their unfulfilled campaign promises and Nigerians may seem betrayed by this but one thing is certain Rome wasn’t built in a day and to get such lasting policies on ground the government would need to harness its resources with a proper blueprint to ensure that such institution run effectively without interruptions. Now part of this challenge is certainly the lack of resources and conscious sustenance of the resources to ensure a proper social security program for the unemployed youths, good primary health care service, and basic education, etc. the APC lead government and the opposition party PDP, keep trading blames at each other as to why the state of the economy is the way it is but the truth is you cannot step into the present or future without looking at the past which is somewhat the foundation. Therefore, PDP has a large part to play as to why we are here and the APC lead government also owe the people the responsibility in fixing it and restoring the confidence of the populace.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." -Robin Sharma.

On the other hand, the general populace are largely swayed by circumstances but should they be blamed for that? I mean in a country where the government cannot provide proper basic amenities for its citizens would leave them with no option than to be wavered by their circumstances. I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks back when we lost a dear friend who couldn’t be given proper CPR at an Abuja hospital due to lack of facilities and we concluded that you should never pray to find yourself or your family in an emergency because our hospitals are in a deplorable state as this applies to other sectors. But what the general populace need to understand is that change as an action never comes easy be it an incremental or gradual kind of change. Studies have shown that people always tend to resist any sort of change and humans are most comfortable to remain with the status quo. And in the case of Nigeria sadly the status quo has corruption as a headline over due process. The notion of a friend about Nigeria being a wealthy country is not far from the truth but we can’t keep saying that, when we cannot properly harness our resources to the benefit of the general populace. And when we both discussed further as I was of the opinion that at the moment Nigeria isn’t as wealthy as its perceived to be at least until we can harness our resources properly to say the least, my analysis went further as to a country that don’t save as much for the rainy day or is more involved in recurrent expenditure as against capital expenditure. It is only logical then, that when there’s a shortfall in the income which comes largely from oil we are bound to face an economic downturn eventually. However, the recession is not peculiar to just Nigeria but to other oil producing nations. What the Nigerian government need to do though is chatter a cause to ensure it can turn the economy around because at the end of the day the Nigerian people elected the APC lead government into power because we believe they are capable of sailing this ship called Nigeria on the right path, so there's a need for well thought out recovery plan, taking proactive steps to secure the future of our unborn children, and as well as sensitize with an orientation of the populace that it's all our responsibility to see this great country achieve (but not with the mentality that is; government property not mine) because we are all the government.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

In Nigeria, over the years corruption gradually crept into the very fabric of our society making it become the status quo that even when an individual is trying to do something right, he (she) is either put down or viewed as abnormal, which is a sad reality. This is why the fight against corruption is very vital to the success of the change mantra of this government to ensure that the common man is not disenfranchised of he's (her) right as a Nigerian citizen. Therefore, the advocate for change and those the change affectdirectly or indirectly need to work hand in hand to ensure this change yields nothing but good for Nigeria. Because if we can eradicate corruption then our institutions can work to effect that change we all dream of in this society.

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." -

Finally, we are all stakeholders to this reality and to keep sanity it's important that our watch word/lifestyle is to be patient and persevere in all circumstances. And like the good book says (which is sort of my motto) I am going to paraphrase it here; whatever you are doing, do it as though you are doing it unto the Lord. Believe me with fear of God and such attitude you can't go wrong in your dealings with others or with your responsibility as regards your line of duty. Indeed the change begins with me and you.


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