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Mixtape Review: Show Dem Camp (SDC) - Clone Wars 3 :The Recession

Nigerian Hip Hop/Rap duo Show Dem Camp '' SDC'' releases the last installment to their ''Clone Wars'' mixtape series titled ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' with the ''Clone Wars'' volumes 1&2 released in 2010 and 2012 respectively, on the (31st December, 2016). ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' was released and consist of twelve (12) tracks.

Intro: SDC kicks off with this soothing hip hop/soulful vibe with ''Ghost of (SDC)'' introducing the tape with a roll call of shout outs to their day 1s of friends and industry mates. Then the  intro immediately draws the listener in with interesting story telling about the industry, society, economy, and future movements. a pretty good way to let you into the world of ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession.'' 

Rise of the Underdogs: This track gets you going almost immediately and can end up being one of your favorites of the tape as it was the case for me. Its indeed a track for the champions. The baseline holds you sway as the strings of the guitar ushers you into the depth of the songs wholeness. As the name implies ''Tec'' and ''Ghost''  of (SDC) builds on the ''Intro'' of the tape as they paint a perfect picture of the struggles an artist face trying to rise to the top in a sector which can be quite relative to life in general but with patience and persistence anyone can rise and shine. 

How Far 1: The ''Show Dem season is upon us...'' very creative track i must say. The beat starts with some dancehall vibe to get you grooving and then switches to a very hard Hip hop feel that lays a traditional ''SDC'' storytelling of what a regular lad experiences daily with the hustle. 

D.I.L.L.I.G.A. Feat. Mojeed: This should stand for ''Do I Look Like I Give A...'' and it features Aristokrat Records rapper ''Mojeed'' in ''D.I.L.L.I.G.A''brings on a bit of the crunk/trap kinda music feel and this track goes out to all 'dem fake a$$ dudes who always want to be about where success is happening but ''SDC'' ain't having none of that. Well was looking forward to more bars on this track but my desire was short-lived, as the track felt like an interlude and not a full track but a great jam overall. 

Love Naija: If you live in Nigeria or have lived in Nigeria you can totally relate to this track. ''SDC'' brought to life the struggles an average Nigerian goes through daily and as Nigeria is facing one of its most difficult period in its history with the ''Recession'' which is largely as a result in a build up of poor management. However, Nigeria may have recorded remarkable things and made the history books, possess both human and material wealth, and has loads of potential, reasons you would love to hate Naija. This is the reason we all ''Love Naija.'' Change for the better is eminent as we all need to effect that change as we look within. 

Move Mountains: This ''Jay Z'' inspired kinda track with a classic piano piece and a motivational drive to it simply makes it a Hip hop classic. ''Move Mountains'' sees ''Tec of SDC'' lead on this one after five (5) tracks with ''Ghost of SDC'' leading the pack. This is what you call a beautiful rap sung. Indeed all we need is faith to achieve anything we desire/dream with trust in God.

BMW. Feat. Funbi: I remember growing up my dad bought a BMW car and my mom use to always call it ''Be My Wife'' and she was usually excited when she does that.. I don't know but maybe its something about German cars that get the ladies going... Lol! Anyways, ''SDC'' recruits ''Funbi'' who adds an amazing R&B/Soul touch to this love song and what a brilliant way to describe an attraction for a woman. ''BMW'' is one of my favorites off this tape and it sure deserves a visual for it to take listeners on this cruise they have already laid out on the track. 

10,000 Hours: The wordplay on this record is simply amazing....''SDC'' takes us through a journey as they connect with our ancestors who had left an impact/legacy across the content and beyond and how this has inspired them to becoming better artist. ''SDC'' went further to challenge and task present day leaders on the need to leave a lasting legacy and not be carried away by how to get a piece of the ''National cake.'' This is a key track on the tape as it relates to our past, present, and future realities. 

Respect My Name Feat. IkonSyndik8 Records act/producer ''Ikon'' lights it up on this track ''Respect My Name'' as ''SDC'' spills about the doggedness of the music industry from; deception, intrigues, politics, betrayals, jealously, envy, and the list goes on. But those that will survive need to stay true to self and not get caught up in the hype. ''Respect My Name'' is a very intense track that reveals the rawness of this Hip hop duo. 

Tales Of A Side Nicca: Another favorite off the tape and ''SDC'' takes us into the world of being a side nicca... well i thought it was a man's world but listening to ''Tales Of A Side Nicca'' gave me a different perspective to life but hey! its the 21st century and the world of endless possibilities. Apparently, tables have turned right now... you ever been a side nicca? Lol!

The Interlude (Pay Attention)''SDC'' slows it down on this one and they asking listeners vital questions about the essence of life. What vision are you telling? Why are you here for (purpose)? These are very important questions that leaves us with a food for thought daily so we don't lose sight of the goal. Stay focused! ''(Pay Attention).'' 

Live, Love, Laugh, Eat Feat. Sir Dauda: This track is a deeper essence of ''The Interlude (Pay Attention)'' it exposes the need to know why you on earth for? and living that life each day towards that goal. Life gives back what you give it... life can be as simple as you make it to be as long as you let God be the center. This is yet another track off the mixtape that i feel deserves a good video too.

 Here are my final thoughts on the mixtape review for  ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' I enjoyed listening to the project and its certainly a listeners digest for 2017 and beyond Show Dem Camp (SDC) mixtape ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' is a SOLID project considering the quality of work put into the project and how if reflects our present day Nigeria as well as the world at large. With production /sound engineering skills from the likes of ace producers ''Ikon'' and ''Kid Konnect'' and well thought out features with the likes of; Sir Dauda,Funbi,Mojeed, all added great value to the tape and it is quite hard to fault this mixtape and based on my conclusion I would rate ''Clone Wars 3 :The Recession'' a 9/10. Worth checking out...
I look forward to a Show Dem Camp (SDC) Sophomore Album titled ''That Year'' in 2017.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Show Dem Camp (SDC) - Clone Wars 3 :The Recession  Mixtape please download it for free here: 

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