Thursday, 2 March 2017

TRAEDONYA! Releases Solo Debut Ep to Preorder on Itunes

''Prohibition Entertainment in Association with TRAEDONYA!(aka The Bride
Of New Funk Hipopera) is excited to announce the preorder for her solo debut
Ep 4 Portraits. This is her first official release in over 5 1/2 years.

The 4 Portraits is a multidimensional project tieing together seamlessly music,
sports and art. The songs metaphorically represent the 4 iconic sports figures 
as paintings. The portraits are Derek Jeter(baseball), Kareem Abdul Jabbar
(basketball), Pele(soccer) and Jim Brown(american football).
For the preorder to the official release date of 2/17/17 Prohibition will offer 
some special incentives. There is a exclusive song(portrait) based on 22
time grand slam winner Serena Williams called Concrete Rose. The song
My Favourite Guy(Derek Jeter) is a instant gratification track when you 
purchase the Ep. Finally a special $2.99 price point for Ep.  It has
been 5 1/2 years since i have been out so i wanted to give the listeners 
more of a reason to check me out says TRAEDONYA!

During the preorder period a Go Fund Me campaign has been launched
to assist in the development of a stage design for upcoming tour dates.
I want to give the consumer a more immersive experience says 
TRAEDONYA!. Below are links to connect with TRAEDONYA!:''

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