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Mixtape Review: Tito Brown - Urban Stereo Sounds

Nigerian Hip Hop&Rap/Producer Tito Brown debut his embodiment of work titled ''Urban Stereo Sounds'' (USS) and it was released on the (18th August, 2016). ''Urban Stereo Sounds'' was released by this budding Jay-town talent and consist of twenty (20) tracks which is divided into two parts- the ''Dark side'' and the ''Light Side''.


Overtime: What a great way to introduce listeners to the ''USS Mixtape'' as we see ''Tito Brown'' spit bars on this laid-back Hip hop beat. ''Overtime'' is the kind of track that can be easily related to across the board with everyday life experiences as there's always two sides to the coin when we strive to achieve/make a mark; some people would say it can't be done and others would motive you to try but if you believe and work ''Overtime''  and with the hope of tomorrow then it can be done. 

U.F.O: Now this is one track that deserves a sci-fi kinda visual for people to fully appropriate the idea behind this song. ''Producer X'' does a great job with the beat as we see ''Tito Brown'' hit it right with his flow and hook on the chorus. The ''U.F.O'' also has some trace/feel of the modern day trap music but with him keeping it 100 and this is what makes this song all the more exciting. 

Aim One: ''I shine like the sun but my reign/rain is dark'' is a few lines on this track that caught my attention and shows how much ''Tito Brown'' deserves a spot in the game with such beautiful wordplay and metaphorical flow to deliver a brilliant record. 

Civilized:  Now ''Civilized'' reminds me why i loved this MC from day 1.  ''Tito Brown'' came through on this heartfelt/soulful track about the reality we live in today (with excerpts from the movie ''The Grand Budapest Hotel'' by M. Gustave'') and what i love the most about this track is how ''Tito Brown'' switched his style on the piano/organ laced record and the creativity on delivery shows that Nigerian Hip hop is in safe hands. This is also one of my favorites off the mixtape and a good reason why this project is worth checking out.

Belee That: ''Tito Brown'' comes off with a brilliant concept for ''Belee That'' and earns it as one of my favorites off the mixtape. ''Belee That'' is an amazingly, beautifully crafted Hip hop/Afrobeat infused track with an old school vibe to it and it has a complimentary synergy between the flow and the hook on the track. 

6ix: is a ''Tito Brown'' and ''Producer X'' production. We hear the beat go in hard as it keeps the listeners woke to ''Tito Brown's'' wordplay as he uses the word/number ''6ix'' in a pretty creative way giving his audience a reason to stay glued to the mixtape. This dude just want his ''6ix'' figures of everything good and he definitely going to get 'em with this attitude. 

Compromising: ''Yaxie'' delivers a brilliant production on ''Compromising'' as we see ''Tito Brown'' take us on a journey ride through an average lads sexual fantasies/attraction with the aid of the Hausa language, he gives the track that edginess to a very laid-back soulful instrumental. This is also a favorite off the mixtape.   

Waves: This is one of the leading singles of the mixtape that was accompanied by what i would describe as a viral video which was shot in Jos, Plateau State and i would say an appropriate choice. With lines like ''I am riding the waves like a life dictator so you better be true'' ''You will find out i am being of different class if i take you to school''  simply amazing right? fantastic record off the mixtape that  surely deserves a video too.

Bad Belle: ''Bad Belle'' is an ''MI Abaga'' Afrobeat inspired track produced by ''Tito Brown'' himself and the chorus laced with heavy vocal chords as it introduces us to the everyday challenges we can all relate with as it deals with success and envy. ''Tito Brown'' shows his versatility as a producer and MC on this track with the rhythm, flow, and vibe drawing you in after a few listen of the track. 

Oga Na / Stay Alive: Sampling of a ''Kanye West'' classic ''Tito Brown'' goes off on a very good start with the  assistance of the Hausa language and i love the way he switches his style with the flow as well as the beat. ''Tito Brown'' is simply stating the obvious.... he's here to stay as he reps his squad ''PSM.''

Decipher's Interlude: Prefect timing for an interlude and an end to the ''Dark Side'' of the mixtape. ''Tito Brown'' expresses his creativity through a poetry kinda freestyle with a mix of English and Hausa language to deliver an incredible interlude. 


Nigerian Girl Feat. P6ix & Producer X: This is an average track that kicks off the ''Light Side'' of the mixtape even with the assistance from ''P6ix'' and ''Producer X'' i would have expected something more explosive to get the listeners going but it did fall short. The track lacked any sense of direction/concept  and left no lasting impression after a listen. 

Working Feat. Joey Jam: With a Badboy Records sample on this track both ''Tito Brown'' and ''Joey Jam'' went in on this one with a bit of humor to it they both deliver great bars to the ''Producer X'' produced beat.

No Love Feat. Cloud9Ne: With excerpts from one of ''Malcolm X'' infamous quotes, he ain't got ''No Love'' for the haters that's what ''Tito Brown'' and ''Cloud9Ne'' tries to portray on this track as they both go back and forth spitting lines about reality.   

Bombay Feat. Toyenero & P6ix: Okay! this is ''Tito Brown'' giving us a feel of another side to his artistic abilities as a singer/reggae/afropop act. I have always been an advocate of not being boxed into a certain genre as an artist. However, i am not sure ''Bombay'' did it for me maybe it has something to do with the production? don't know.... but the track is worth the effort overall and it shows that ''Tito Brown'' can sell records as well as keep it real with the streets. This track features another MC to watch out for in the person of ''P6ix'' and the amazing vocalist ''Toyenero.''

Love Life Feat. Suranu: This track is underwhelming despite a great production and even with the assistant of the great trumpet that gave it that jazz/soulful vibe. I don't know if it had something to do with the hook, vocals, or ''Tito Brown'' delivery but it was  an average song for me. The track did however have a good story-line. 

Calculate Feat. Toyenero : ''Calculate '' is a track that would remind you why you love Hip hop and R&B the 90s style. ''Tito Brown'' delivers a playful and easy to digest flow on ''Calculate '' making it an appropriate track for the project. He recruits ''Toyenero'' who brings that fantastic fusion to the track that brought it to life.

Nothing on Benjamin Feat. P6ix: This track reminds me of the Crunk era which is a good thing by the way in the context we are discussing and its certainly a good fill up for the tape. There's however nothing spectacular about this track as it sounds like something the ''GripBoiz'' would have created a while back, so the track didn't really sound fresh to me. 

We Been On Feat. Amir & Joey Jam: This is yet another one of ''Tito Brown'' efforts as a producer and we see another strategic collaboration which features ''Amir'' and ''Joey Jam'' and i could say by far the illest combination of these three artist on one track.

Headlines Feat. Producer X: ''Tito Brown'' and ''Producer X'' team up again to deliver a brilliant number about the present day Nigeria as we all know the gimmicks of politics/politicians through  their promises to the masses and most times they don't get fulfilled and as a result created a wide divide between the rich and poor which has somewhat led to the ''Recession'' we find ourselves in today. ''Tito Brown'' is calling on every Nigerian through a collective effort  to make a change so we can realize the Nigeria of our dreams. 

Purple Cycle Feat. Amir / Candy Outro: ''Tito Brown'' closes off this mixtape on a high note as he recruits the amazing MC ''Amir'' and they both took us back on an magic old school style of rap and the vibe was just perfect. For the records, this is by far my favorite track off the ''USS'' mixtape. The concept, production, the rap, flow, the hook, and the switch to the ''Candy Outro'' was a total hit. They simply aced this one. Thumps up!   

 Here are my final thoughts on the mixtape review for  ''Urban Stereo Sound (USS)'' I enjoyed listening to the project and its certainly a great first effort from this young MC. Tito Brown's mixtape ''Urban Stereo Sound (USS)'' is an above average project considering the quality of work put into the project and how he showed drive and versatility to the embodiment of work with production credits to his name as well. The production /sound engineering skills from producers like ''Producer X'' ''Yaxie'' ''Geekbeats'' and himself ''Tito Brown'' with some well thought out features and a few misplaced ones  all added great value and dynamics to the tape and reasons in my conclusion I would rate ''Urban Stereo Sound (USS)'' a 7.5/10 because of a few hit and misses with the features and the idea behind the concept of the mixtape. ''Tito Brown'' is one artiste to watch out for in the Nigerian music scene and beyond.
I look forward to more material from Tito Brown in 2017.

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Urban Stereo Sound (USS) -  Mixtape please download it for free here: 

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