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Hi there, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Chibu-ugwusor Chijioke

Can you give us a bit of your background?

I am from a family of 4 and the last of the 4 children. While growing up i had a great passion for fabrics and colour combinations.

Your educational background.

I attended Starlight Nursery and Primary School Lagos, then i went to Model Secondary School Maitama, Abuja and then i obtained my Bsc in Business Administration from Nasarawa State University, Nasarawa State.

Were you into to any form of activities while in school?

Yes, i was into show business, an advocate for decent dressing on campus and also a lifestyle critic on a fashion magazine, i also organised a sort of boot camp for up and coming models as well as encourage fashion designers to showcase their works.

So you knew ultimately you were going to go into fashion?

No. I really thought i was going to be a professional  banker and after my youth service(NYSC) i was a contract staff with the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Abuja. But i was really inspired by my Pastor who gave me insight and encouragement to follow my passion to be become who God wants me to be and i discovered my passion was largely for fashion.
Then i started honing my talent in sketching and design. and i went further to research on tailoring , fabric choice, and then i eventually launched my clothing line.

You design and Tailor your outfits yourself?


Tell us your experience in being able to do both?

Challenging in keeping a balance and making deadlines. But the grace of God has been sufficient.

You talked about fabrics....what type(s) for fabric inspires you?

I have a great passion for Nigerian traditional prints like the; Igbo Crecre Star, coconut, and a host of others.

What is the name of your clothing line?


And what is the meaning of Allahandro?

The protector. I direct it to God who gave me the inspiration and provision of clothes to cover our nakedness.

How long have you been doing this line of business?

Since February 2012.

Where do you see Allahandro?

I see Allahandro in a lot of places, as i plan to teach fashion. so you get to see Allahandro at Seminars, International workshops e.t.c.

Do you plan to diversify your business?

No. not really, i want to specialise in fashion as well as venture into makeup which i do in my leisure time at the moment.

What is your advice for up and coming fashion designers?

Never procrastinate, do good research, talk to God about it before you talk about it. you wont value success until you test failure a bit. so its vital to take risks.

How can you be reached?

At the moment we are moving out of our contact address, but we can be reached through
Twitter : @cjalfa
Facebook: chibu-ugwusor chijioke
Contact: +2348090868903, +2347061804212

CEO- Allahandro Clothing's

During the interview

Allahandro's last season's collection.
Allahandro LOGO.

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