Thursday, 24 April 2014

Till Death Do Us Part? [READ]

Hello everyone,

I am sure we are all familiar with this famous line; ''Till death do us part'' in the institution that we never get to graduate or do we? Well this write up was spurred by the insistent raise in domestic violence prominent within African communities. This topic is quite delicate and dear to my heart because i believe no one, male or female should be a victim while in holy matrimony because of the vows they have taken before God and mankind.
It is disheartening to discover that so many married people are suffering from domestic violence from a partner who is meant to have, hold and protect them. They are trapped however and don't have the voice to speak out.
A few weeks back i was watching a documentary titled ''Rappers wife'' and i was shocked to know that one of the renowned legendary rapper who has now passed on used to beat up his wife so badly that she had to take a flight out of their home to breath. but she eventually returned home before his demise and her conclusion was that she probably would have been dead had she stayed on with her late rapper husband. This is absurd especially since because this couple lived in the ''Western world'' where human rights are held in high esteem. It appears that families weather in emerging economies or developed nations are sometimes bonded by beliefs, values, culture or personal reasons not to speak out about challenges they face at home most especially domestic violence.

Therefore, my question would be; when is it ever morally right to speak out about domestic violence in the home and not have to feel guilty or immoral about the fact that an oath was taken before God and the church? Personally, I feel it would be foolish for anyone in a marriage to be suffering from domestic violence not to speak out at least to the church if they do feel they don't want to go civil about it. I may be wrong in saying this but this my personal opinion and i don't expect everyone to agree to it.
But when both partners take an oath of marriage and one feels it his/her right to verbally and physically abuse their partner  because of reasons best known to them, is totally canal and unacceptable. a lot of them fail to understand what it is to be totally committed to the vows they have taken, but they would rather will prefer to hold unto any aspect that seem to favour them over the one that doesn't and will confidently brag about that fact.

I think the time is right for the society within the African communities not to shy away from this challenge like its non-existent.
The church and other spiritual leaders have a vital role to play in teaching true values in the home and offering an open door for couples to open up for counselling and redress and the civil society. NGO's responsible for domestic violence need to sensitise people (man/woman) especially in the local areas the need to speak out on domestic violence. Aside from this, the government should empower the civil societies and enact law that would protect victims and punish those who make their partners victims of domestic violence. With such modalities in place, victims of domestic violence can be encouraged and confident to speak out before it is a lost case as the case may be.

After all that’s been said and done it is only when we truly love ourselves fully can we be able to place value on another human life, most especially someone you are accountable and responsible for. Only till then can words like ''Till death do us part'' start making real meaning in a relationship.

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