Thursday, 22 May 2014

E.P. Review: Richard Osborne - Nothing Personal

Ipswich based R&B singer/song writer Richard Osborne finally releases his E.P consisting of SIX (6) tracks earlier in the week (19/05/2014). Now here are my thoughts on the free download of Richard's embodiment of work. 

Wherever I Fall (feat. Torch): This is a good way to introduce his listeners on what he has to offer, as he displays his writing skills by telling a beautiful and sensual love story of a girl he is attracted to and his intentions thereafter. Richard conveys the message through his lyrics on well produced mid-tempo beat that has that  laid back old school r&b 90's touch to it. Torch of  Maybach Music Group (MMG) definitely did justice to his 8 bars as he goes explicit about Richard's thoughts to end the track on a high note. 

Nothing Personal: Okay! this is the second track off the E.P and what Richard decided to title the E.P. In my opinion and ''Nothing Personal'' but I don't think this track deserved to have been given this much attention as the title track for the album, but I will assume this track is actually a personal experience Richard had and he wanted to give the E.P that theme as a statement or the influence to the record. However, Richard made a sad love song a bit hip and fun as he glides through the beat with a switch of vocals from alto to what his known for and eventually making the track worth listening to. 

Right Time: This is that kind of track that goes like; ''don't hate the player, hate the game'' or ''its a man's world'' but I would say this is my least impressive record on this E.P and it should have rather been a skit or interlude than a record on this E.P. Then maybe an additional track afterwards would have made it solid.

Motive (feat. Ca$his & Mistah F.A.B.):  Damn!!! Starting off  ''Motive'' with the horns/trumpet and then sampling Queen Latifah's old classic ''Fly Girl'' made me fall in love instantly with this record. Richard also displayed his vocal versatility as you can feel his vocal texture all through the track. Ca$his and Mistah F.A.B kept it real on their verses making us feel this is Hip Hop in the 80's. This is a very solid track and by far my favourite but the only hole I can afford to punch on this track is that; it should have been longer than 3 minutes. :D 

We Ready: Keeping it real on this one. Richard talks about his journey, life experiences, and what the future holds for him as an artiste. What caught me about this track is the fact that Richard was honest about the need for success and the good things of life after putting in work and not forgetting where he is coming from as he also gave shout outs to those who held him down. This will definitely be one of the classics off this E.P as it is a song everyone in the business of music can relate to. ''We Ready'' to get this money now Richard Osborne ;-) 

Wherever I Fall 2.0 (feat. Scorcher & Kid Bookie)Bringing it home Richard Osborne recruits Scorcher  and Kid Bookie based in the United Kingdom to lay down bars on ''Wherever I Fall 2.0'' (a part2 of track 1) Where we see both rappers go hard on the beat and achieved their aim by giving it the UK feel and style of Hip Hop. I would say this is definitely a good way to wrap up the E.P as ''Wherever I Fall 2.0'' is a solid track off this E.P.

Finally looking back at my analysis I initially felt I should rate ''Nothing Personal'' a 7/10 but when I was concluding my review of the E.P. I feel ''Nothing Personal '' is a SOLID effort from Richard Osborne and deserves an 8/10 based on the fact that the features were well thought out and appropriate, which added to the creative strength of the work. Then the  production level of this work was excellent as there was a lot of sampling of old school Hip Hop, R&B and Richard making the beat his own with his vocals and song writing skills. Great effort!!!

In case you haven't listened or downloaded Richard Osborne - Nothing Personal E.P please download it for free here: DOWNLOAD HERE

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