Thursday, 3 October 2013

Meaku - ''Feel my world''

Meaku- Promise (In-Studio Performance)

”As Meaku gears for the Release of his “Great Flood” EP Fall 2013, he Releases his brand new R&B mixtape “Feel My World”, as an Ode to our traditional/Classic R&B, interjected with his signature R&B/POP style. Something that true R&B fans can appreciate.

Be on the lookout for more surprises from Meaku and his team in the very near future.”

Follow him on:
Twitter: @Meaku
Instagram: @TheRealMeaku

Mixtape Credits:


Cobe Obeah (Superstar Rapper on the rise. Just released his Acclaimed Mixtape Song of The Starz:Dark Night that is getting major buzz)

Glasses Malone (Cash Money Recording Artist)

Atm (Upcoming Rapper and Leader of the Bernie Lean Movement, that has Garnered well over 2 Million+ views via youtube)

ND (Up and coming Nigerian American R&B/Pop Singer)

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