Thursday, 31 October 2013

Was Goliath Blind?

''I need a miracle Urgently.
I believe God for a miraculous intervention because this is out of my control.
I am waiting patiently for God to ‘Part the Red Sea’, ‘Send Manna from heaven’, ‘Give me provision’, ‘Turn water in to wine’, ‘Bring a David to kill Goliath’.
But I have a question.
A question that you have probably asked too (maybe only in your mind)
Should we be able to explain miracles?
If I can explain a miracle, does it not reduce the ‘awesomeness’ of God who performed the miracle?
Let’s take the case of David and Goliath. (1 Samuel 17)
David the underdog killed Goliath the Giant, after Goliath consistently assaulted the Isreali Army and taunted them [for 40 days]
We love underdog stories because they give us hope and belief that no matter how disadvantaged, we still have a chance. But much more in this story, we saw how God used a small shepherd boy to slay a might giant soldier using only a sling and a stone.
UNLESS if David wasn’t just a boy, using some little small catapult.
Some people have come up with the story of how: (by the way Malcom Gladwell is an amazing storyteller)
1.)    The sling isn’t some small weapon used to kill bush rats (like I used to when I was small). It is a potent weapon of war with skilled users so good they are known for hitting targets as small as the space in Goliath’s forehead.
2.)    David has killed a lion and a bear before
3.)    The power in a sling can be more deadly than early firearms. In experienced hands, the sling was arguably the most effective personal projectile weapon until the 15th century, surpassing the accuracy and deadliness of the bow and even of early firearms. – Chris Harrison.
So David isn’t 'just' a small shepherd boy.
There were also stories about Goliath
1.)    Why did he need someone to walk him to the valley of Elah
2.)    David was carrying a stick, Goliath said sticks
3.)    Goliath being a giant could mean he suffers from 
Acromegaly, a condition with side effects such as cumbersome, double vision and abnormal growth. In essence, Goliath could have been seeing double.
Was David really then an underdog? (My answer is No, David CANNOT be the underdog, he was fighting for GOD, and if God be for us, who can be against us?)
I also know
A woman getting pregnant is a miracle
Night and day, and unfailing seasons are miracles,
How a child grows in the womb is a miracle
Our Galaxy is a miracle
You are a miracle.
And whether or not God gives revelation to the mystery behind a particular event or miracle or people come up with their own theories, it doesn’t change the fact that at the time when we need Him, God shows up in a way that defies logic, is well orchestrated and the chain of events all ensures we get our miracle.
Whether the stones David picked had a particular shape
Whether the wind blew in a particular direction
Whether the blacksmith left a hole too large in Goliath’s forehead
We know that
All things work together for good for those who love God and to them who are the called according to his purpose.’ Romans 8:28
That is the miracle.
And I need another one today!
How about you?
Question: Are miracles better left as mysteries?''

Words of  - Ibukun  

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